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Jost Wigandt (wey201)

Father: Henrich Weigand

b. 1671 in Freinsheim, Germany [Weyandt]

d. February 14, 1758 in Freinsheim, Germany

m. February 17, 1699 in Freinsheim, Germany, Anna Margaretha Scherrer, daughter of Andreas Scherrer. [Wiant]

Issue: [Weyandt]

Johan Peter (wey1001), b. March 5, 1699/1700

Johan Henrich #1, b. January 20, 1707 in Freinsheim, Germany

Johan Georg "Jurg"), b. June 11, 1711 in Freinsheim, Germany, d. in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

m2. February 9, 1718 in Freinsheim, Germany, Catharina Phillipina Isabart, b. 1699, d. October 17, 1767 in Frainsheim, Germany. Daughter of Elias Isabart. [Wiant]

Issue: [Weyandt]

Johan Adam, b. November 20, 1718 in Freinsheim, Germany

Elias, b. April 3, 1721 in Freinsheim, Germany, d. October 1807 buried in Falckner Swamp KB, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania [Wiant]

m. February 7, 1747 in Freinsheim, Germany, Jacobia Scharlotta Reck, b. May 9, 1730 in Freinsheim, Germany. [Wiant]

Johan Henrich #2, b. August 18, 1723 in Freinsheim, Germany

Anna Catherine, b. May 20, 1726 in Freinsheim, Germany

Elizabeth, b. May 2, 1729 in Freinsheim, Germany


Jost was a Rathsverwandter. [Wiant]

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