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Johan Henrich "Henry" Weyandt (wey2001)

Father: Johan Peter Wigandt (wey1001)
Mother: Magdalena Eigenbrod

b. January 27, 1748/9 in Freinsheim, Germany [Weyandt]

d. 1821/2, Bedford County, Pennsylvania [Weyandt]

m. Katherina [Weyandt]

Issue: [Weyandt]

Christian, b. before 1780, d. 1829 in Bedford Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Christian never married.

John, bc. 1780, dc. 1860 in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania

m. Barbary Bowser, b. 1799

Elizabeth, b. 1783 in Washington County, Maryland

m. Frederick Booher

Henry Jr., b. 1784, dc. 1837 in North Woodbury Township

Jacob, b. 1786 in Washington County, Maryland, d. 1826 in Bedford County, Maryland

m. Mary Magdalena Dibert
After 1826, Jacob's widow and children moved to Iowa [Wiant]

Joseph "Yost" (wey3001), b. 1789, d. 1860

Martin, b. 1790 in Washington County, Maryland

m. Christina Booher

Christina, b. October 14, 1799, d. January 14, 1850

m. Jacob Reighard III

Catherine, b. 1800, d. 1846

m. George Reighard


October 29, 1770:
Henry arrived in Philadelphia on the ship "Sally" with his brothers Johan Jost and Johannes. [Weyandt]

Henry took an oath of allegiance to Pennsylvania in Lebanon County. [Wiant]

August 24, 1785:
Henry bought Lot 116 in Jerusalem Township, Washington County, Maryland. [Scott]

March 14, 1791:
Henry bought a tract of land called The Establishment in Washington County, Maryland. [Scott]

Henry sold both The Establishment and Lot 116 he had in Washington County, Maryland and moved to Bedford County, Pennsylvania. [Scott]

Henry appears on the Bedford Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania tax record with 150 acres of "Located Land" and 40 acres "Warranted Land". He had 1 house, 1 barn, 2 horses, and 2 cows with a value of $812 and a tax of $3.04. [Scott]

1796 to 1811:
Henry is listed on Bedford Townships tax records. From 1808 on he is also taxed on having a distillery. [Scott]

April 1819:
Henry is listed in the records of the Messiah Lutheran Church for a contribution of two dollars. [Scott]

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