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Johannes Peter Ickes (wey1002)

Father: Johannes Christian Ittich (wey202)
Mother: Margaretha Stambaugh

b. September 18, 1716 in Schoharia, New York [EarlyPA]

d. in Augusta County, Pennsylvania[EarlyPA]

m. Barbara B. Fickes [EarlyPA]

Issue: [EarlyPA]

Michael, b. 1741 in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, d. May 16, 1778 in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

mc. 1762, Elizabeth Coblentz, b. June 6, 1747, d. November 26, 1768 buried in New Hanover, Montgomery County, PA

John Henry, b. August 23, 1742 in York County, Pennsylvania, d. January 19, 1829 buried in the Old Union Cemetery, Osterburg, Pennsylvania

m. Dec. 27, 1763, Margaret Ellen Stombaugh, bc. 1747, dc. 1772
m2c. 1774 in St. Matthew's Church, Hanover, York County, PA, Maria Elizabeth Stombaugh, b. June 17, 1750, d. August 27, 1823 buried in the Old Union Cemetery, Osterburg, PA

Nicholas, b. 1744

Peter (wey2002), b. April 15, 1748, d. January 29, 1829

Ene/Eve, b. 1748 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, d. 1784

mc. 1771, John Dibert, b. 1746/7 in Cumberland County, PA, d. April 12, 1807 buried in the Dibert Cemetery, Ductch Corner, Bedford County, PA. Son of Charles Christopher Dibert (iml204)


Peter became a distiller in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania [EarlyPA]

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