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Johan Peter Wigandt (wey1001)

Father: Jost Wigandt (wey201)
Mother: Anna Margaretha Scherrer

b. March 5, 1699/1700 baptised March 8th in the Reformed Church, Freinsheim, Germany [Weyandt]

m. May 6, 1731 in Freinsheim, Germany, Magdalena Eigenbrod, b. December 2, 1708 in Freinsheim, Germany. Daughter of Joh. Daniel Eigenbrod and Anna Maria Seltzer. [Wiant]

Issue: [Weyandt]

Johan Jost, b. October 19, 1737 in Freinsheim, Germany, d. 1785 in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania

m. Ann Elizabeth Dudwieler

Johannes, b. June 11, 1746 in Freinsheim, Germany

m. April 1768 in Freinsheim, Germany, Catherine Limbach

Johan Henrich "Henry" (wey2001), b. January 17, 1748/9, d. 1821/2

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