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Lena Margaret Mock (stuf6005)

Father: Thomas J. (Stufft) Mock (stuf5001)
Mother: Susan "Sue" Weyant

b. February 21, 1897 in Pennsylvania [Birdie]

d. March 13, 1962 in Yuba County, California[CA Deaths]

Jesse Lew Wilson Anderson, b. December 29, 1894 in Birmingham, Iowa, d. August 31, 1955 in Los Angeles County, California [CA Deaths]

Issue: [ren91]

Robert Thomas Milton (stuft7001), b. April 12, 1917

Lois Marie, b. December 31, 1919


Lena and Jesse lived in Anaheim, California where Jess worked for his father in his bakery. Then his father-in-law talked them into joining the rest of the family raising rice in Colusa County, California [ren91]

June 5, 1917:
According to Jess's World War I Draft Registration Card he was a baker for White Cross Bakery in Colton, California. He lived with his wife and child at 490 E. F in Colton. He was of medium height and build with light blue eyes and light hair. [wwi]

Jess was a rice farmer. The family lived on Princeton road in Princeton Township, Colusa County, California [census-Ca]

After a couple of years as a rice farmer, Jess decided he'd rather be a baker. They came to Live Oak, California and bought a bakery and ran it many years. Both children graduated from High School there. [ren91]

Jess was a cake baker for a bakery and Lena was a saleslady at a department store. They lived at 1228 I Street, Marysville, Yuba County, California. [census-Ca]

Then they sold that bakery and bought Panecaldo's Bakery in Gridley and ran that for many years. When the Bakers Union tried to unionize his operation he refused to go along with them, even after they got one of the emplyees to put something foul smelling in one batch of bread dough. His bakery goods were famous for their high quality. Lena always worked at the shop and also Lois and Bob. They were so pleasant and accomdating that they did a lot of business. [ren91]

In the early 40s:
Jess's health was failing. The doctor told him he had to get away from flour, his lungs were affected. (He was a heavy smoker.) So they sold the bakery and bought an orange grove and then a variety store in Anaheim. [ren91]

After Jess died Lena moved to Yuba City to be near Lois and Bob and the grandchildren. [ren91]

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Birdie & Otis Vanderford and Jesse, Bob and Lena Anderson at desert homestead Kern Co 1917        Jesse Anderson and Carl Vanderford

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