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Catherine Amanda Mock (stuf6003)

Father: Thomas J. (Stufft) Mock (stuf5001)
Mother: Susan "Sue" Weyant

b. June 1886 in Pennsylvania [Birdie]

Dick Morgan. Boarded with the family and worked in the mines. [Birdie]

Issue: [Birdie]

Russell Fenner, b. August 18, 1904 in Wimber, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, d. January 26, 1994 in Yuba City, Sutter County, California [CAdeaths]

Russell was raised by Thomas and Sue as a brother to the girls. [Birdie]

mc. 1919, Merle Leon Carr, b. June 27, 1878 in Ohio, d. November 15, 1955 in Napa County, California. [CAdeath] Son of Amos G. Carr (b. June 24, 1849) and Rebecca E. Whitmore (b. January 28, 1852) [Carr]

Issue: [census-CA]

Merle Leon. Jr. , b. October 31, 1919 in Colusa County, California [CAbirths], d. April 4, 1996 in Marysville, Yuba County, California [aa]

Dorothy J., b. 1924


September 18, 1918:
According to Merle's World War I Draft Registration Card he was a farmer in Colusa, California. He was of medium height and slender build with blue eyes and light hair. [wwi]

Merl was a farmer. He, Catherine and their baby son were living at 47 Market Streeet, Colusa, Colusa County, California. Russell was living with them as well as Merl's father Amos. [census-CA]

Merle was a fruit farmer. The family lived on the farm on the Garden Highway in Vernon Township, Sutter County, California. According to the census the family owned a radio. [census-CA]

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