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Thomas (Stufft) Mock (stuf5001)

Father: William Stufft (stuf4001)
Mother: Catharine Imler

b. April 24, 1855 in Pennsylvania [Pen #34024]

d. November 19, 1943 in Sacramento, California [CAdeaths]

m. June 3, 1880, Susan "Sue" Weyant, b. March 11, 1862 in Pennsylvania [census-PA], daughter of Charles Weyant (wey4001) and Sarah Burkett [Birdie], d. January 22, 1940 in Sacramento, California [CAdeaths]

Issue: [Birdie]

Rose Ella Stufft (stuf6001), b. April 18, 1881, d. Dec. 6, 1951

Hattie Mae (Stufft) Mock(wife of Carl Orsen Vanderford (6002), b. September 13, 1883 d. Nov. 26, 1965

Catherine Amanda (Stufft) Mock (stuf6003), b. June 1886

Birdie Cleo (Stufft) Mock (wife of Otis Harrison Vanderford (6003), b. September 9, 1891, d. May 18, 1995

Lena Margaret (Stufft) Mock (stuf6005), b. February 21, 1897, d. March 13, 1962 [ren91]

50th Wedding Anniversary


Thomas taught school when he was 14. Was a Lutheren Superintendent of Sunday School, Osterburg, Bedford County, Pennsylvania. [Birdie]

Thomas was farming and living with his mother in the Village of Paria, Union Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania. [census-PA]

Thomas had a dealership for McCormick. His horse, a black Hamiltonian, loved eggs. When he visited farmers the horse would pick up a hen and if there was no egg, would put her back to lay one. [Birdie]

Thomas moved to Wimber, Pennsylvania (9 miles from Johnstown) and went into the real estate business. He also had a store. [Birdie]

Thomas was a salesman and living in King Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, with his wife and 4 of his 5 daughters. Daughter Hattie was working as a milliner. [census-PA]

Thomas had used escrow money to buy some stock which went bad. He changed his name to Mock and moved to Jennings, Louisiana to share crop rice. [ren91]

In Louisiana, Lena & Birdie took Pansy the Welsh Pony 3 miles into town on Saturday to Doctor Ruckle's folks who bought a pound of butter for 35 cents and a dozen eggs for 10 cents. Lena and Birdie would then go to a picture show for a nickel and be home by 9. [Birdie]

The family took care of stock on a freight car and settled in Pomona, California. [Birdie]

Thomas got a job in Colusa, California. [Birdie]

Thomas and Sue were retired and owned their home at 1005 West Fifth, Pomona, Los Angeles, California. [census-CA]

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