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Asberry Speer (Sp15)

Father: Joshua Speer
Mother: Ruth Vanderford/Vandever (1053)

b. 1804 in North Carolina [census-VA]

m. Jan. 6, 1829, Catharin Darter [VAmar]

Issue: [census-VA]

Anderson, b. 1837 in Virginia

m2. Charlotte, b. 1823 in Virginia [census-VA]

Issue: [census-VA]

Charles, b. 1841

Nancy, b. 1842.

Nancy was living at home in 1880

Garett R., b. 1844

m. Lotta, b. 1848
issue: [census-VA]
Susan H., b. 1866
Charlotte J., b. 1867
Asberry, b. 1869
Charles H., b. 1873
Sarah E., 1876
Mary F., b. 1880

Hiram W., b. 1846

m. Charity, bc. 1844
issue: [census-VA]
James A., b. 1874
Pinky J., b. 1876
William H., b. 1878
Robert H., b. 1870

William, b. 1848

Elizabeth, b. 1850

Mahaly, b. 1852

Mahaly was living at home in 1880

Robert H., b. 1854

Fayett M., b. 1857

Andrew J., b. 1863

Lucy A., b. 1868


Asberry was farming in Scott County, Virginia. [census-VA]

Asberry was living in Scott County, Virginia. Living with his family was a daughter-in-law Lydia E., age 27, grandsons James W. age 12 and Daniel age 7 and a granddaughter Blaney age 7. [census-VA]

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