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John Carn (Johannes Gern) (mock1002)

Father: Hans Garner (mock202)

b. March 21, 1738 in Amsterdam, Holland (or Germany) [Maison]

d. September 24, 1808 buried in Lincoln Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania [Maison]

June 21, 1767 in the German Reformed Church, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Margaret Lein, b.1742, d. Septermber 24, 1808, daughter of Johannes Peter Lein (mock203) and Barbara Bickel. [Maison]

Issue: [Maison]

Maria Barbara, b. September 10, 1773 in Frederick, Maryland, d. 1864

m. Thomas Croyle

Catherine - wife of Peter Mock II (mock2001), b. April 8, 1776, d. June 4, 1856

John, b. January 22, 1778 in Frederick, Maryland, d. July 27, 1833 of a ratttlesnake bite, buried in Lincoln Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

m. February 8, 1795 in St. Clair Township, Bedford County, PA, Susanna Cable, b. August 2, 1778 in St. Clair Township, Bedford County, PA, d. 1840 in Fremont, Sandusky County, Ohio

Frederick, b. 1778-87 in Amsterdam, Holland, d. 1859

m. Fanny Mock, b. 1774 in Bedford County, PA, d. before 1814, daughter of Peter Mock (mock1001) and Elizabeth Sample.
m2. 1814, Magdalene Oster, b. March 17, 1778 in Lancaster, PA, d. April 22, 1859


November 1, 1763:
John arrived at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the ship "Chance" from Rotterdam, Germany. [Dawson]

Between 1778 and 1787:
The family returned to Holland where family tradition has it that John had left a large sum of money in trust fearing that the government in Philadelphia might seize it. However, too many years had passed since it was deposited and the funds had become the property of the Dutch government. [Dianne]

May 12, 1787:
John and Margaret sold a fifty acre tract of land known as "Wooden" in Frederick, Maryland for a 150 pounds. [Dianne]

June 7, 1796:
John purchased a tract of land called "Werden" in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. [Dianne]

October 26, 1803:
John and Margaret sold 4 acres and 15 perches of land. [Dawson]

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