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Rene Chartier (iml5)

Father: Pierre Chartier (imla5)
Mother: Marie Paille

b. 1622, baptised July 26, 1625 st St. Savin, Poitiers, (Vienne) France [Francogene]

d. August 5, 1689, killed by Iroquois Indians during Lachine's Slaughter in Dorval, Quebec, Canada. His body was found much later and buried by Pierre Remy on May 23, 1701 in Saint-Anges, Lanchine, Montreal, Quebec. [Zuber] Daughter of Francois Reugier and Marguerite Bourcier. [Francogene]

m. August 7, 1645 in St Jean de Montierneuf, Poitiers, (Vienne) France, Madeleine Ranger/Reugier, b. in France, dc. 1667 in France [Francogene]

Issue: [Zuber]

Pierre Chartier, b. 1646, baptised September 16, 1646 in St-Jean-de-Montierneuf, Poitiers, France, d. 1684 in Fort St. Louis, La Salle County, Illinois.

Jacquette Chartier, b. February 3, 1652 in Montierneuf, Poitiers, Poitou, France, d. young in France

Martin Chartier(iml15), b. 1655, d. 1718

Jeanne-Renee Chartier, b. 1652, baptised August 9, 1652 in St-Jean-de-Montierneuf, Poitiers, France.

m. October 17, 1673 in Quebec, Canada, Pierre Durand dit Desmarcais, d. 1710
m2. September 1, 1710 in Champlain, Quebec, Canada, Rene Baudouin

m2. October 1, 1669 in Notre-Dame-de-Quebec, Quebec, Canada, Marguerite Delorme, b. in St. Etienne, Jargeau (Loiret) France. d. before 1689 [Zuber] Daughter of Hugues Delorme and Marie Maupain.

Issue: [Robinson]

Marie-Anne Chartier, b. April 20, 1671 in Sillery, Quebec, Canada, d. August 5, 1689, killed by the Iroquois.

Francois Chartier, b. August 5, 1673 in Neuville, Portneuf, Quebec, Canada d. August 5, 1689, killed by the Iroquois.

Madeleine Chartier, bc. 1678, d. August 5, 1689, killed by the Iroquois.

Jeanne Chartier, b. July 6, 1675 in St. Michel, La Durantaya, Comte de Bellechasse, Quebec, Canada

m. Aguust 26, 1701 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Antoine Berthelet dit Savoyard

m3. contract March 31, 1679, Louise de Nepple, b. Lyon (Rhone), France

No Issue


September 25, 1667:
Rene, a literate man and a flour-miller, arrived in Quebec City on the ship "St. Louis" with his two sons and daughter. [Zuber] This was the same ship that brought Robert Cavellier de LaSalle to Quebec. His sons, Martin and Pierre were members of some of LaSalles explorations.

Rene established in a few temporary places from Silery to Neuvill, before he became the official miller of Champlain (Quebec). [Zuber]

Around 1684:
Rene moved from Champlain to Lachine where he opened a new mill. He had his residence close to the site of what is today the city of Dorval, near the mouth of Presentation Creek. [Zuber]

August 5, 1689:
During the early hours Rene and his children by his second wife were slaughtered by the Iroquois. [Zuber]

October 28, 1694 (Lachine Register):
"We sent 6 men beyond the small riviere-de-la-Presentation onto the dwelling of the late Rene Chatier where he and his 2 sons and a small Indian, their slave from the Panis Nation, had been killed by the Iroquois on the 5th of August 1689, and where several people have told us they had seen their heads and bones on the ground since they had died; but the grass had grown since then and they were now not able to find anything, and it was almost sunset when we left the area, having found some remains and placed them in a small boat which we had returned for, with the sorplice and the lack stole, at the ringing of the big bell, accompanied y acolytes in their suplices and carrying candlesticks, the cross and holy water, and singing the Psalms in keeping with the practice of the Holy Church; and having them covered with hearth cloths, we had them brought to and put on deposit in the Curch to have them buried in the cemetery on the following day: which we did and with great solemnity after having celebrated a High anniversary Mass over the bones, and offered all of the service with gifts of bread and wine. [Findley]

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