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Henry Imler (iml3001)

Father: Peter Imler (iml2001)
Mother: Elizabeth Lingenfelter

b. May 5, 1796 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania [LDS]

d. November 30, 1868, buried in the Imler Cemetery, Osterberg, Bedford County, Pennsylvania. [LDS]

mc. 1821 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, Barbara Croyle, b. February 25, 1806 in Union Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, d. January 25, 1878 buried in the Imler Cemetery, Osterburg, Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Daughter of Thomas M. Croyle (iml2002) and Catherine Dibert. [LDS]

Issue: [Linda]

boy, bc. 1825-30

John H., b. September 20, 1824 in Imler, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, d. November 21, 1905 in Imler, Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

m. Susan Carn, b. December 22, 1826 in Union Township, Bedford Co., PA, d. December 13, 1907 in Imler, Bedford Co., PA

Rebecca "Peg" Croyle, b. March 12, 1826

m. Abraham Imler, b. 1808

Thomas H., b. July 19, 1829, d. October 26, 1901

m. Catharine Pressel, b. Oct. 24, 1834, d. Feb. 20, 1907
Thomas owned a grist mill south of Osterburg, Pennsylvania

Catharine, wife of William Stufft (stuf4001), b. May 4, 1833, d. July 25, 1892

Adam H., b. May 14, 1835, d. September 17, 1912, buried in the Imler Cemetery, Bedford County, Pennsylvania

m. Hannah Berkheimer, b. June 16, 1836, d. Jan. 2, 1867 buried in the Old Union Cemetery, Osterberg, PA
m2. Elizabeth Garybill, b. 1841, d. 1936, buried in the Imler Cemetery, Bedford Co., PA

Josiah, b. September 17, 1837, d. January 8, 1813

m. Elizabeth Sill, b. July 15, 1836, b. 1838,
m2. Catherine Claycomb, b. March 1841

William H., b. June 6, 1843, d. April 20, 1921, buried in the Imler, Bedford County, Pennsylvania

m. March 23, 1868, Rebecca Sill, b. June 24, 1841, d. April 18, 1911 buried in the Village of Imler Cemetery, Bedford County, PA ]MorrisonsCove]


Henry was living in St. Clair Township, Bedford County, Pennsylavnia. [census-PA]

Henry was living in Union Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania. [census-PA]

Henry was farming in Union Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania. His sons Josiah and William were working with him on the farm. [census-PA]

Barbara was living in Union Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Her son Adam was a farm laborer and living with her as well as an 11 year old John. [census-PA]

Henry and Barbara's house was built of planks. It was two floors with two rooms on each floor. It burned down in the 1940s. [Linda]

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