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John George (Johann Jorg) Lingenfelter (iml206)

Father: Johann Conrad Lingenfelter (iml106)
Mother: Anna Catherine Mogg

baptised, December 24, 1700 in the Reformed Parish, Steinweiler - Rohrbach, Germany. Mr. Jorg Durst and his wife were the sponsers. [Cartwright]

d. October 21, 1777 in Frederick, Maryland [Lingenfelter]

m. April 17, 1725 in Steinweiler, Germany, Eva Magdalena Degan, bc. 1704 in Steinweiler, Germany, daughter of Nicolaus Degan. [Lingenfelter]

Issue: [Lingenfelter]

Maria Margaretha, b. March 11, 1726 in Steinweiler, Germany

Johannes, b. June 27, 1727 in Steinweiler, Germany

Abraham, (iml1006), b. June 27, 1730, d. 1814

Eva Margaretha, b. December 1732 in Steinweiler, Germany

m. February 15, 1751/2 in Steinweiler, Germany, Valentine Adams, b. October 3, 1727 in Steinweiler, Germany, d. October 12, 1790 in Frederick, Maryland. [Loeffler]

George Bernhard, b. February 1736 in Steinweiler, Germany, d. October 1805 in Fayette County, Kentucky

m. February 10, 1761 in the Evangelical Reformed Church in Frederick, Maryland, Anna Barbara Brunner, bc. 1740, d. 1829 in Fayette County, Kentucky [McClelland]

Elizabeth Catherine, b. May 20, 1739 in Steinweiler, Germany

Johann Valentine, b. October 20, 1742 in Steinweiler, Germany, d. June 3, 1805 in Berkeley, West Virginia

m. Margareth Von Heide
m2. September 24, 1765, Maria Elizabeth Daub

Maria Catherine, b. January 3, 1748 in Steinweiler, Germany

Daniel, bc. 1750 in Steinweiler, Germany


September 29, 1753:
John George arrived in America on the "Rowland" Captained by Arthur Tran from Rotterdam. [Lingenfelter]

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