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Christian Christopher Miller (iml203)


b. 1704 in Werttemburg, Bavaria, Germany [Zuber]

d. 1788 buried in Messiah Lutheran Cemetery, Dutch Corner, Bedford County, Pennsylvania [Zuber]

mc. 1739 in Loudoun County, Virginia, Eve Elizabeth Earnest, bc. 1717 in Charlottesville, Albermarle County, Virginia, d. prior to 1766 buried in Virginia. Daughter of Hans Martin Ernest who at the age of 26 came from Wurtemberg on the ship Mary landing at Philadelphia on September 26, 1732. [Zuber]

Issue: [Zuber]

John, bc 1740 in Loudoun County, Virginia

Margaret wife of Michael Dibert (iml1004), b. 1743, d. April 13, 1821

Barbara wife of George Croyle (iml1002), bc. 1746

Abraham, b. 1748



Christian came to America and settled in Loudoun County, Virginia. [Zuber]

Around 1752:
Christian settled in the vicinity of Lutzville, Pennsylvania. [Zuber]

Christian was present at the Bloody Run Massacre as a wagoner. [Zuber]

February 6, 1767:
Christopher Miller owned 300 acres at the mouth of Cover Creek in Friend's Cove where he lived adjoining John Fry. [Zuber]

January 18, 1776:
Christian enlisted as a private in the 2nd Pennsylvania Battalion. Christian served as a wagoner. [Muster]

November 25, 1776:
Christian appears on the muster roll of the late Capt [Thomas] Craigs now Captn [Rudolph] Brunners Coy in the late Colo St. Clairs now Colo [Joseph] Woods Battn of forces raised in the state of Pennyslvania and now in the service of the United States of America. Dated Camp at Ticondoroga. [Muster]

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