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Martin Chartier (iml15)

Father: Rene Chartier (iml5)
Mother: Madeleine Ranger

b. 1655, baptised June 1, 1655 in St-Jean-de-Montierneuf, Poitiers,(Vienne) France [Francogene]

d. 1718 in Pennsylvania [ShawneeNames]

mc. 1686, Pekowi Woman aka Seaworth, bc. 1660, d. after 1700. [ShawneeNames]

Issue: [Zuber]

Mary Seaworth Chartier- wife of John De Bart, (iml104), b. 1687, d. 1732

Pierre Chartieror Peter, b. 1690, d. after1759

mc. 1716, Sister of Opessa-Shawnee [ShawneeNames]

Jacqueline Chartier


September 25, 1667:
Martin (with his father, brother and sister) arrived in Quebec City on the ship "St. Louis." This was the same ship that brought Robert Cavellier de LaSalle. [Zuber]

Martin was among Robert Cavellier de LaSalle's companions when they built Fort Crevecoeur somewhere along the Illinois River (2000 miles from Montreal). [Zuber]

Martin and his brother Pierre were fur trading associates and they had a settlement in Fort St. Louis, although they had no trading permit. [Zuber]

After his brother's death, Martin deserted his service with LaSalle and joined the Shawnee. [D&Ts]. Martin made the incredible trip from Montreal to Lake Michigan, then from there to the Cumberland River in Kentucky, then to the site of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, then across the Alleghenies and along the Susquehanna River to Maryland where for a time he ran his own trading post. [Zuber]

Martin was brought before the Maryland Provincial Council. The Governor put him in prison and in irons. Martin claimed his only crime was that he had gone among the Shawnees that owed him some beaver without the permission of the colonial authorities. He was in prison for several months before he got loose and made his escape. [Zuber]

Martin led a tribe of Shawnee Indians migrating to the Ohio River from Virginia. This tribe arrived on the great East-West Trail at Alliquippa's Gap, by the Warrior's Trail. [Zuber]

The loan commissioners, who were the Penns' agents for the sale of their lands, gave Martin a large tract, extending from the mouth of Conestoga Creek several miles up the Susquehanna. He built his trading-post and farm at or near where they built a saw-mill in Washington borough. [Zuber]

Christoph von Graffenreid was exploring the area for a location to found his Bern Colony and described Canavest, a remarkable beautiful spot, and his meeting of Martin Chartier.

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