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Charles Frederic De Bart (iml14)


bc. 1660 in St. Serne, France [Zuber]

d. 1707 in Virginia, at sea off the coast. [Zuber], buried in the cemetery at the Manakin Town, Virginia settlement.[Dibert]

mc. 1684, Magdalena Margaret ----, b. 1661, d. 1720 in Virginia. [Zuber], buried in the cemetery at the Manakin Town, Virginia settlement. [Dibert]

Issue: [Zuber]

John (Iml 104), b. 1685, d. 1732

Henry, bc. 1687 in France

David, bc. 1689 in France

Mary, bc. 1691 in France


Charles was a French Huguenot (Protestant). In 1685, King Louis XIV of France outlawed the French Protestant religion and many were slaughtered. To escape this persectution, Charles escaped into exile, probably in Holland and then in England. [Zuber]

Charles came to America on "Ye First Shippe" with Pastor Phillip de Rouchevillle and many other Huguenot settlers and was a founder ofManakin Town, Virginia (near the current location of Richmond, Virginia). [Dibert]

Charles went with pastors Phillip de Roucaeville and Piere Robert Richmond to Trout River, North Carolina, and into charleston, South Carolina to help build Huguenot churches. Differences developed among the group and Charles returned to Manakin Town, Virginia. [Dibert]

Charles was listed in the "Douglas Register: as one of the original Huguenot settlers. [Dibert]

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