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George Croyle (iml1002)

Father: Thomas Croyle (iml202)
Mother: Mary Margaretha Koelimer

b. 1744/45 in Swatara, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania [Zuber]

d. May 7, 1829, buried in Clyde Dibert Farm Cemetery, Bedford County, Pennsylvania [Ritchey]

mc. 1768, Barbara Miller, bc. 1746 in Loudoun County, Virginia. Daughter of Christian Christopher Miller (iml203) and Eve Elizabeth Earnest [Zuber]

Issue: [Zuber]

George, b. 1769 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

David Adam, b. 1775 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, d. between 1830-40 in Sugarcreek Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania.

m. 1804, Christina Hamilton, bc. 1783

Rachel, b. 1777 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania

mc. 1796, Solomon (Adam) Hartzel

Rebecca, b. 1779 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania

m. 1798, Abraham Defibaugh, b. 1773 in Bedford County, PA, d. 1864 in Bedford County, PA

Thomas M. (iml2002), b. July 15, 1782, d. August 21, 1859

Susan, b. 1785 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, d. 1806 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania

m. Frederick Stiffler, b. 1781
m2. ---- Jay, b. 1781

Casper, b. 1788 in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, d. 1888 buried Rudy Cemetery, Jackson Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania

mc. 1816, Margaret Rudy, b. 1793, dc. 1871


George came to Bedford County with his parents. He learned the blacksmith trade from his father and with his brother Thomas had a shop on the Forbes Road at what is called the Mile Level. George was also a farmer, carpenter and a stone mason. [Ritchey]

Revolutionary War:
Geroge served in the Company of the 3rd Battalion, 7th Class, under the Command of General Mad Anthony Wayne. He also served in the Whisky Rebellion. [Ritchey]

George owned 400 acres in Dutch Corners. He lived on a bench on the Dunning Mountain where the Indians had their trail. [Ritchey]

September 11, 1825:
George mortgaged his farm for 250 dallars to James McKnight. He gave to the money to a friend in trouble with law for his bail. His friend then skipped out and George lost the money. [Ritchey]

May 6, 1829:
The day before he died George sold his 400 acres to his sone George for 200 dollars. [Ritchey]

November term 1832:
James McKnight brought a judgement for 369.66 lawful money against Barbara Croyle, widow, Susan Jay, Thomas Croyle, Adam Croyle, George Croyle, Soloman Hartzel, and Abraham Deffenbaugh [Ritchey]

April 20, 1833:
The sheriff seized the 400 acres to be sold to satisfy the debt. Ten acres of the land was cleared and under fence, having there erected a log house and a double barn. [Ritchey]

August 30, 1833:
The land was sold to Adam Koontz the highest and best bidder for 340 dollars. [Ritchey]

Because Adam Koontz was a brother to the wife of George Croyle, Jr. the family lived on the tract of land as if it were their own. It took 20 years before the family could buy the land back. [Ritchey]

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