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Samuel Vanderford (9002)

Father: James Vanderford (9001)
Mother: Alletheia Roberts

b. 1785 in Maryland [census-NY & Ca]


m. Ann Elizabeth Cole, b. 1790-94 in Maryland, d. between 1840-1850 [census-NY & Ca]

Issue: [census-NY & Mich]

Robert, b. 1810-20

boy, b. 1810-15

George Washington (9003), b. 1813 in Maryland

Napoleon Bonaparte (9004), b. 1824 in New York

Caleb Averil, b. 1828 in New York. [LoaA]

m. Ruth E

Issue: William Richard Vanderford, b. 30 Dec, 1866 in Michigan, d. 22 July 1944.
m. <unknown>
issue: Mabel Vanderford Markham
When his mother and sister died in California the remaining family moved briefly to Iowa but eventually returned to California. There, William married an older woman, incurring the wrath of his father. William considered divorce, but the woman died, leaving William a widower. Shortly thereafter, he sailed to Hawaii around 1901 to work as a carpenter for pineapple plantation owners. It was there, on the Big Island, that William met nineteen year old Helen Mauna Kaaumoana, fell in love, married and fathered ten children. Today you can find lots of Vanderfords in Hawaii! [LoaA]
Eventually, William's need to wander led him to take five of the children and travel to Eugene, Oregon. Three returned shortly to Hawaii, the others stayed on the mainland. Here things get sketchy. About 1943, William told one of his daughters he was going for a walk. That was the last anyone would hear from William. He simply disappeared. Despite his daughter's frantic searches, William was gone. Finally, in 2009, he was found and laid to rest alongside his wife, Helen Mauna Kaaumoana, in the cemetery in Pearl City, Oahu, Hawaii. [LoaA]
For a more complete version please see Loa Anderson's story: [William]

issue: Napoleon [LoaA]

1850: Caleb was a loborer and living in an inn in Meridian Township, Ingham County, Michigan. [census-Mich]
1863: Caleb was listed as a carriage maker in the Michigan Business Directory of 1863. [LoaA]
1870: Caleb was listed in the Colusa County census on page 312 with wife and sons. [LoaA]
1880: The 1880 Census of Bristow, Butler County, Iowa shows Caleb as a widower with the two sons, William and ""Boney" both of whom were born in Michigan. [LoaA]

William H., b. 1829 in New York [census-Ca]

1852: William was mining in El Dorado County, California. [census-Ca]

girl, b. 1825-30

Ann E., b. May 28, 1821 in New York

m. Oct. 24, 1839 in Livingston County, Michigan, Othenial H. Blandon. [ancestry-Godsey]


August 11-24, 1813 and September 13-23, 1814:
Samuel served in Brown's 35th Regiment from Queen Annes County, Maryland. [Wright,1979]

Samuel was living in Romulus Township, Seneca County, New York. He was working in agriculture. [census-NY]

January 23, 1828:
Samuel sold from New York the 6 5/8 acres called "Ramble" in Queen Annes County, Maryland that he inherited from his mother. [QA deed TM4:488-9]

Samuel was living in Pulteney Township in Steuban County, New York. [census-NY]

Aug. 2, 1837:
Samuel bought 40 acres from the BLM. The land was in Township 1 South, Range 5 East, Section 1 situated in Washington County, Michigan. [BLM #21021]

Aug. 18, 1837:
Samuel bought 40 acres from the BLM. The land was in Township 1 South, Range 5 East, Section 35 situated in Washington County, Michigan. [BLM #25427]

Samuel was living in Hamburgh Township, Livingston County, Michigan. [census-Mich]

Samuel was farming in Meridian Township, Ingham County, Michigan with Stephen Hall from New York. [census-Mich]

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