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Leon Herman Vanderford (6032)

Father: Henry Langston Vanderford (5073)
Mother: Callie Elizabeth "Big Mama" Richardson

b. Feb. 18, 1912 [Myrick]

d. Oct. 22, 1991, buried in the Betheul Cemetery [Myrick]

m. July 15, 1933, Lillie Mae Rupprecht, daughter of John Fred Rupprecht and Etta Pearl Godsey, b. July 31, 1913 in Memphis, Tennessee [Myrick]

Issue: [Myrick]

Shirley Joyce (7029), b. Oct. 21, 1934

Nancy Ruth, b. July 22, 1950 in Memphis, Tenn., d. Oct. 3, 1966 in a car accident, in Bolton, Tenn., buried in Bethuel Cemetery

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