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Anna Emily Nickle (5173)

Father: Robert C. Nickle
Mother: Susannah Vanderford (4001)

b. Feb. 16, 1854 in Marion County, Iowa [census-Iowa]

d. Oct. 31, 1918 [Nickle Genealogy]

m. March 31, 1881 in Madison County, Iowa, William Brown Hodges, b. 1846 in Illinois, d. 1911 [usgennet-madison]

Issue: (9 children - 7 living in 1910)[census-Iowa]

Flora May (6093), b. 1882, d. between 1915-1920

Clark W., b. 1885 in Madiosn County, Iowa

Zina E., b. 1886 in Madison County, Iowa

Sussie L. (6094)., b. 1888

Elsie P., b. 1889 in Madison County, Iowa

Bailey R. (6095), b. 1891

John W., b. 1894 in Madison County, Iowa

Frank, b. 1898 in Iowa


January 9, 1865:
William applied for a pension. He had served in Company G., 7th Missouri Cavalry. According to the 1880 census he was missing his right arm. [na & census-Iowa]

The family had a truck farm in Scott Township, Madison County, Iowa. [census-Iowa]

September 15, 1911:
Anna applied for her Civil War Widow's Pension. [na]

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