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Thomas J. Vanderford (4110)

Father: William Vanderford (3040)
Mother: Mary

b. 1839 in Walton County, Georgia [NA - Mil Rec]

m. Annie Reynolds [Eller Drew]


In 1863 Thomas J. was 5' 5" with hazel eyes and a sallow complexion. [NA - Mil Rec]


August 4, 1861:
Thomas J. enlisted in Company B, 26 Mississippi Infantry for the war. [NA - Mil Rec]

February 12, 1862:
Thomas J. was left on duty at Cumberland City. [NA - Mil Rec]

March 29, 1862:
Thomas J. became the musician for Captian D. P. Rogers Company, Lowrey's Regiment Mississippi Volunteers. [NA - Mil Rec]

January 10, 1863:
Thomas J. transferred back to the 26th Mississippi Infantry. [NA - Mil Rec]

November 11, 1864:
Thoams J. was discharged for chronic ulcers of the mouth and adominal dropsey. He received $256.48 in back pay and clothing allowance. [NA - Mil Rec]

Thomas J. paid a state tax of $1.00. [AlC pers prop tax]

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