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The Vanderfords settled in America in the 1600s. We hope in the end to provide a complete history and genealogy of the various family members from the 17th Century until the present day. As a base for the site we will use The Vanderfords: Early Settlers of America.

The Vanderfords: Early Settlers of America is a genealogy and history of the Vanderford family. This large 472 page paperback book contains family members from the first Vanderford to settle in America to the present, a total of over 1800 individuals. The book is now out-of-print but all of the material that was in the book plus a huge amount of new material is on this web site. You should feel free to print off whatever pages you might be interested in. Just use our search engine to quickly navigate this web site or click on the links below.

The book is divided into eight geographical areas; each representing the general locale settled by Vanderfords prior to the mid-1800s. Beginning in New York they moved to Maryland. From Maryland they spread to Salem, Massachusetts and the Carolinas. From the Carolinas they moved into Georgia and Ohio and from Ohio into Missouri and Iowa. Each area chapter provides a general history and the part played in its development by the Vanderfords and a comprehensive genealogy of those families. There are also chapters on the Revolutionary War and the Civil War describing the many actions in which Vanderfords participated during those wars.

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