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Edward Vandiver (9035)

Father: probably Vincent Vanderford (222). ([Vandaveer] states Edward was the son of George, son of George (107). However if this were so Edward should have been born in Delaware. The only Vanderford still living in Maryland in 1748 and who also later had the name changed to Vandiver was Vincent (222)).

b. 1748 in Maryland [DAR]

d. July 20, 1837 in South Carolina [NA]

m. 1770 Helena Frost, d. in the Fairfield District, SC [DAR]

Issue (11 children): [DAR]

Sanford, b. 1786, d. April 18, 1847 in Towneville, Anderson District, SC [Holcomb,1977]

m2. June 17, 1789, Catharine Poole, d. fall of 1851 [Moss,1985 & NA]

Issue (10 children): [DAR and LDS]

Adam Poole, b. Aug. 24, 1788

William, b. 1790

Manning, b. Jan. 17, 1792, d. 1863

Aaron, b. July 4, 1794, d. 1878

Ester, b. Jan. 4, 1794

Ibzan, b. May 15, 1796

Enoch, b. May 30, 1798

Edward, b. June 17, 1800


Edward moved to the Fairfield District of South Carolina. [NA]

March 7, 1779:
Edward enlisted but served for only 4 months because his wife took ill and he hired a substitute. [NA]

June 1780:
Edward enlisted for 2 months under Capt. Thomas Parrott. [NA]

Edward enlisted for 2 months and marched to the Four Hole Bridge under Capt. Lyles. [NA]

August 1781:
Edward enlisted for 2 months and fought in the Battle of Eutaw Springs. [NA]

Edward moved to the Pendleton District of South Carolina. [Holcomb,1977]

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