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Nepoleon Bonaparte Vanderford (9004)

Father: Samuel Vanderford (9002)

b. 1824 in Chemung County, New York [Watts,1984]


m. Martha Silver [Watts,1984]

b. 1836 in Ontario, Canada, d. before 1910 [census-Ca]

Issue: [census-Ca]

George (9005), b. Jan. 23, 1853 [Watts,1984]

Charles, b. 1855 in Michigan

Martha Elizabeth, b. Sept. 11, 1857 in Michigan, d. Sept. 5, 1940 in Glenn County, California [CA Deaths]

m. Dec. 10, 1872, Willis Drew [LDS]

Sarah Oretta, b. 1859 in California

m. Sept. 8, 1878, David Squires [LDS]

Helen "Ellen", b. Sept. 28, 1863 in California, c. Dec. 15, 1952 in Merced County, California [CA Deaths]

m. Mar. 14, 1886, Edgar Hunter [LDS]

Annettie "Nettie", b. 1866 in California

m. Mar. 14, 1886, Edward Ebenezer Smith [LDS]

Marticia, b. April 30, 1869 in California, d. Aug. 20, 1948 in Glenn County, California [CA Deaths]

m. Dec. 10, 1891 in Elk Creek, George R.Gillaspy, b. 1867 in California [G/C Mar 1:14]

Hinson N. (9006), b. Jan. 5, 1872, d. Feb. 10, 1942 [Watts,1940]

Mary, b. July 20, 1874 in California, d. Oct. 18, 1957 in Sutter County, California [CA Deaths]

m. Aug. 22, 1900 near Elk Creek, Richard Thomas Bedford, b. 1870 in Missouri [G/C Mar 1:354]

issue: [census-Ca]
Richard L., b. 1903 in California
Mary V., b. 1907 in California
Alfa, b. 1908 in California


Feb. 1, 1849:
Napoleon bought 40 acres from the BLM. The land was in Township 4 North, Range 1 West, Section 13 and situated in Ingham County, Michigan [BLM #6361]

Napoleon was a farmer living with James Smith in Bath Township, Clinton County, Mich. [census-Mich]

Napoleon had recently arrived in Yuba, Sutter County, California. He was a farmer and his wife a domestic. The value of his real property was $200 and his personal property was $300. [census-Ca]

Dec.24, 1866 - 1876:
Napoleon was a farmer living in the South Butte District of Sutter County, California. [SuC Reg]

Napoleon was farming in Yuba Township, Sutter County, California. Besides his family he had R. T. & Willis Drew, two farm laborers, living with them. The value of his real property was $5000 and his personal property was $3000. [census-Ca]

Napoleon was living in Newville Township, Colusa County, California with his family and a farm laborer. His youngest daughter Mary was visiting with Charlie and Sarah Henry on the day of the census. [census-Ca]

Napoleon was retired and living with his daughter Mary and her family on Alder Spring Road in Elk Creek, Glenn County, California. [census-Ca]

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