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Marilyn Joan "Jackie" Vanderford (7028)

Father: Asa Watkins "Ace" Vanderford (6021)
Mother: Abby J. Carnes

b. Nov. 28, 1943 in Ontario, Oregon [Abby J.]

d. 1994, buried in Riverside Cemetery, Payette, Idaho [Negus]

m. Jan. 29, 1966 in Eugene, Oregon, Jack Fraser [Abby J.]

Issue: [Abby J.]

Tamara Annette, b. Feb. 1, 1967 in Eugene, Oregon

m. Dec. 13, 1991 in Portland, Oregon, Robert Henell, d. July 29, 1998 in Portland, Oregon
issue: [Abby J.]/[Negus]
Megan Annette, b. June 12, 1991 in Hillsboro, OR
Kyley Paige, b. April 7, 1992, in The Dalles, OR
Hayley Jacklyn, b. Dec. 7, 1995 in Portland, OR
m2. March 5, 1999 in Portland, OR, Bruce Corbet
issue: [Negus]

Bradley Wayne, b. Nov. 28, 1968 in Eugene, Oregon


Jackie graduated from the University of Oregon. [Abby J.]

Jack owns ladies apparel stores in Oregon. [Abby J.]

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