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Sylvia Pearl (Vanderford) Holcomb (7015)

Father: Thomas Sylvester "Vess" Vanderford (6009)
Mother: Laura Miller

b. July 20, 1918 in Aberdeen, Idaho [Holcomb]

m. November 5, 1943 in Aberdeen, Idaho, William I. Holcomb, Jr., M.D., b. January 14, 1919 in Kankakee, Illinois [Hunt Fam]

Issue: [Holcomb]

Ann Holcomb (8020), b. October 26, 1945

Mary Holcomb (8021), b. July 29, 1948

Laura Holcomb (8022), b. July 13, 1950

Louise Holcomb (8023), b. July 13, 1950


Sylvia graduated from the University of Idaho. [Holcomb]

William graduated from the University of Idaho. [Hunt Fam]

October 1943:
William received his M.D. from Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. [Holcomb]

November 1944 to May 1947:
William served with the Army 16th Armored Division which landed in France. They were in Pilsen, Czechoslovakia in the last months of World War II. [Holcomb]

May 1946 to March 1947:
Sylvia and their small daughter joined William in Grafenwohr, Bavaria, Germany. [Holcomb]

William retired from practicing medicine in Eugene, Oregon. [Holcomb]

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