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Lillian Aurelia Vanderford (6063)

Father: William Thomas "Buck" Vanderford (5038)
Mother: Mildred Hentz

b. July 30, 1933 [Price]

m. May 23, 1953, Rion Carson Price, b. June 22, 1924, son of Claud Crosson Price and Edith Maybell Rikard. [Price]

Issue: [Price]

Rion Carson, Jr., b. March 26, 1954

Rion is in the floral business in Atlanta, Georgia [Newberry]

Thomas Gregory, b. April 2, 1958

m. June 19, 1992, Kathy Mohler Cutshall, b. Sep. 6, 1967 [Price]
Thomas is in the logging business in Newberry, South Carolina [Newberry]

Amy Claudia, b. Nov. 6, 1959

Amy received her Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Mercer University in Atlanta, Georgia. [Newberry]


June 2, 1943 - January 11, 1946:
Rion served in the U.S. Army with 19 months in the European Theatre. [Newberry]

July 19, 1976:
Rion retired from the S. C. National Guard after 21 years. [Newberry]

Rion worked in textiles at Kendall Company retiring after 35 years service. [Newberry]

Lillian was a homemaker while the children were small and then returned to secretarial work. [Newberry]

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