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Nellie Merle Vanderford (6045)

Father: James Joel McGee Vanderford (5016)
Mother: Ada Blanche Cooley

b. Dec. 7, 1907 in Rush Center, Kansas [DonnaSue]

d. Oct. 27, 1985 in Hawthorne, California [Joel]

m. Aug. 6, 1927 in Denver, Colorado, George Cook [Joel]

Issue: [Joel]

James Merritt, b. May 20, 1928 in Denver, Colorado, d. 1971 in Inglewood, California

m. Helen "Rusty" Barbour
  issue: [DonnaSue]
  Lynn Rae
    Sean Ray (adopted by Donna Sue Sivoli (7068))
m2. Virginia Gassett
  issue: [DonnaSue]
m3. Betty Goodwin
  issue: [DonnaSue]
  Rebecca Sue
    m. Richard Sanft
    Richard Jr "Ricky"
m4. Marie Fielding
  issue: [DonnaSue]

m2. Mr. Wimpey [Joel]

m3. early 1930s in Inglewood, California, Paul Wesley Bland, b. 1907, d. March 31, 1955 in Inglewood, California [Joel]

Issue: [Joel]

William A., b. Aug. 22, 1936 in Inglewood, California, d. Jan. 15, 1973 in Inglewood, California

Donna Sue (7068), b. Dec. 23, 1940


Nellie was a music teacher and she and her bayb James were living with her brother Charles in South Gate, Los Angeles County, Calfiornia. [census-Calif]

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