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Orion Elmo Vanderford (5214)

Father: Dennis Wesley Vanderford (4144)
Mother: Adeline "Addie" Grimm

b. January 5, 1890 in Sacramento, California [CAdeaths]

d. November 24, 1945 in Sacramento, California [CAdeaths]

m. March 1910, Emma L. Spark, b. April 5, 1891 in Kansas, d. October 8, 1956 in Sacramento County, California [CAdeaths]

Issue: [CAbirths]

Elmore Lee, b. march 18, 1913 in Sacramento, California, d. September 14, 1994 in Sacramento County, California [CAdeaths]

Willard R., b. September 12, 1914 in Sacramento, California, d. February 29, 1964 in Sacramento County, California [CAdeaths]


Orion was newly married and worked as a car repairer in the street car barn. They lived on 22nd Street in Sacramento, California. [census-Ca]

June 5, 1917:
According to Orion's World War I Draft Registration Card he was a service manager for Wallip Overland in Sacramento, California. He was married with 2 children. He was tall and of medium build with grey eyes and light brown hair. [wwi]

Orion was an automobile mechanic. The family lived at 177 Elliott Avenue, Sutter Township, Sacramento, California. [census-Ca]

July 12, 1921:
The Overland won the under $1000 class car in last week's Reliability and Economy Run from Sacramento to Lake Tahoe and return. The Overland, driven by O. E. Vanderford, consumed the least number of gallons of gasoline on the trip. [Oakland Tribune]

Orion was the proprietor of a garage. He owned his home at 4759 15th Avenue, Brighton Township, Sacramento, California. [census-Ca]

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