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Lula May "Soula" Vanderford (5212)

Father: William S. Vanderford (4064)
Mother: Nancy Ellen Mayfield

b. September 8, 1879 in Halfway Polk County, Missouri. [ancestry-births]

d. January 2, 1947 buried in Greenlawn Cemetery, Springfield, Missouri. [Mayfield]

mc. 1902, John Robert Burdett, b. January 26, 1882 in Pleasant Hope, Missouri, [wwi] d. May 24, 1946 buried in Greenlawn Cemetery, Springfield, Missouri. [Mayfield]

Issue: [Mayfield]

Bonnie Orville, b. March 15, 1902 in Missouri

m. March 2, 1924, div. Nov. 28, 1942, Gladys R. Chandler, d. Dec. 1978 in Denver Colorado. [Mayfield]

Wilmer L., bc. 1904 in Springfield, Missouri, d. January 4, 1962 buried in Greenlawn Cemetery, Springfield, Missouri. [Mayfield]

m. & d. 1929, Wanda J. Parish, b. 1908, d. Jan. 3, 1985 [Mayfield]
m2. before 1961, Doris [Mayfield]

William L. D., b. May 5, 1916 in Pleasant Hope, Missouri, d. April 25, 1992 in St. Francis, Kansas. [Mayfield]

m1. ----
m2. Zola Mae
m3. July 2, 1973, Hollis Leota Peters, b. april 13, 1916, d. aug. 23, 1998 [Mayfield]


The family was farming in Pleasant Hill Vallage, Mooney township, Polk County, Missiouri. [census-MO]

September 12, 1918:
According to John's World War I Draft Registration Card he was a "will bill contractor" farmer and live at 2225 Ramsey Ave., Springfield, Greene County, Missouri. He was of medium height and build with blue eyes and light hair. [wwi]

John was in the retail grocery business and the family lived at 2225 Ramsey Avenue, Springfield, Greene County, Missouri. [census-MO]

John was a well driller. He, Lula May and their son L. D. lived at 2250 N. National Avenue, Springfield, Missouri. [census-MO]

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