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Edna A. "Annie" Vanderford (5204)

Father: Benjamin F. Vanderford (4068)
Mother: Annie B. Anderson

b. 1878 in Lynn, Massachusetts [census-Ma]

mc. 1894, George Frederick Ireson, b. 1872 in Massachusetts [census-Ma]

Issue: [census-Ma]

George Frederick, Jr., b. November 18, 1895 in Lynn, Massachusetts [Hanrahan-Boshes], d. Sept 1968 in Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts [aa]

m. Grace, b. Oct. 6, 1902, d. May 1973 in Hverhill, Essex County, Mass. [aa]
issue: [census-Ma]
Marylor R., b. 1924
1930: George was in the shoe business and they lived at 6 Elmwood in Swampscott, Essex County, Mass. [census-Ma]


George was a salesman for Standard Oil and they lived at 66 Superior Street in Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts. [census-Ma]

George was a salesman in the wholesale oil business and the family lived at 27 Huron Street in Lynn Essex County, Massachusetts. Their son George Jr. was also a salesman. [census-Ma]

George was a stock manager for Standard Oil and he and Edna were living at 27 Huron Street in Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts. [census-Ma]

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