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Mona "Monnie" Clark (5178)

Father: E. Frank Clark
Mother: Catherine "Cass" Vanderford (4005)

b. July 1865 in Oregon [census-Iowa]

d. buried in Long Beach, California [Hunt Fam]

mc. 1884, Marion Almond Henry [Hunt Fam], b. Dec. 1, 1860 in Ohio, d. Feb. 28, 1944 in Los Angeles County, Calfiornia (Mother's maiden name: Morris) [CA deaths]

Issue: [Hunt Fam] & [census-Iowa]

Lena, b. Oct. 1885 in Iowa, d. 1910

m. ---- Hornbaker, bc. 1876, d. June 1974
issue: [Hunt Fam]
Helen, b. 1910
  m. July 27, 1930, John McConnell
  issue: [Hunt Fam]
  Ted Alan, b. Feb. 23, 1939 in Burlington, Iowa
    m. July 19, 1968, Ruth Morse, b. July 4, 1931

Merrill, b. April 1, 1893 in Stillwater, Oklahoma, d. Nov. 1984 in Paonia, Colorado [aa]

June 5, 1917: According to his World War I Draft Registration, Merrill was single and ranching for his father in Paonia, Colorado. He was tall and slim with grey eyes and brown hair. [WWI]

Florence, b. March 1894 in Iowa

m. John L. Gardner

Doris, b. July 1899 in Iowa, d. 1953 in Long Beach, California

Mary, b. Dec. 1, 1906 in Van Buren County, Iowa

m. Mar. 7, 1929, Clinton Steward, b. Dec. 2, 1906
issue: [Hunt Fam]
David, b. Peru, d. 7 1/2 months


Marion was a telegraph operator and the family was living in Gilmore City, Weaver Township, Humboldt County, Iowa. [census-Iowa]

Marion was an agent for the railroad and he was boarding in Grand Junction, Mesa County, Colorado. [census-Colo]

Marion, Mona, Merrill and Mary were farming in Delta County, Colorado. [census-Colo]

Marion and Mona both owned homes in Paonia, Delta County, Colorado. Marion was a fruit farmer. [census-Colo]

Monnie was a school teacher. [Hunt Fam]

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