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William M. "Will" Vanderford (5157)

Father: Wadd A. Vanderford (4086)
Mother: Mary Mitchell

b. June 16, 1898 in South Carolina [Price]

d. May 17, 1963 buried in Wesley's Chapel Cemetery, Lockhart, South Carolina. [ancestry-MB]

mc. 1917, Lucille Inman, b. June 20, 1900, d. April 28, 1981 [Price], buried in Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Union County, South Carolina []

Issue: [census-SC]

Torrence F., b. 1918 in South Carolina

Walter "Snake" (6085), b. April 16, 1920, d. Dec. 12, 2000

Gladys, b. 1922 in South Carolina

m. -- McCloud

Willie, b. 1923 in South Carolina

m. -- Forter
m. --- Sweatt

Hobert, b. August 18, 1926 in South Carolina, d. April 7, 1998 buried in Lockhart Cemetery, Lockhart, Union County, South Carolina []

Hobart was in the Navy during World War II. []

Daniel V. (6086), b. January 25, 1930, d. March 14, 2001


Lucile, b. and d. December 15, 1934 buried in Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Union County, South Carolina. []


Will was known as "Frog Eye". [Price]

Will worked at the cotton mill in Lockhart Mill Town, Pickney Township, Union County, South Carolina. His brother Torrence and his wife were living with them. [census-SC]

Will was a foreman at the cotton mill and living at 5 South Fourth Street, Lockhart Mill Town, Union County, South Carolina. [census-SC]

Will attended the Free Will Baptist Church and was a member of the Board of Hope Hospital at Lockhart. He was a member of the National Guard for 19 years. [ancestry-MB]

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