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Chester Vanderford (5112)

Father: William Comer Vanderford (4033)
Mother: Mary Ellen Cutshaw

b. Feb. 14, 1887 in Noble County, Indiana [PenApp#890565]

d. March 1943, at his home in Ligonier, buried in Oak Park Cemetery in Noble County, Indiana [USGenNet]

m. April 6, 1912 in Noble County, IN, Helen Marie Franks, b. Oct. 4, 1893 in Albion, IN, daughter of Henry H. Franks and Lillian Perry, d. Jan. 1980 buried in Oak Park Cemetery in Noble County, Indiana [USGenNet]

m2. Walter Robinson, d. Aug. 11, 1955

Issue: [census-Ind]

Richard F., b. Oct. 15, 1913 in Indiana, d. Dec. 29, 2003 in Fort Wayne, Indiana [aa]

1932: Graduated from Ligonier High School in Noble County, Indiana [USGenNet]

Jack C., b. 1917 in Indiana

1934: Graduated from Ligonier High School in Noble County, Indiana [USGenNet]

James R., b. Feb. 19, 1920 in Indiana, d. Nov. 6, 2003 in Tillamook, Oregon [aa]

1938: Graduated from Ligonier High School in Noble County, Indiana [USGenNet]


Chester graduated from Wolf Lake High School in Noble County, Indiana. [USGenNet]

Chester was rooming on Jefferson Street in Albion, Noble County, Indiana and working as a deputy clerk of the circuit court. [census-Ind]

June 30, 1914:
Chester and his family returned home from their auto trip through Michigan. [Fort Wayne News]

November 23, 1915:
Chester was a candidate for clerk on the Republican ticket, at the primary election to be held next week. [Fort Wayne News]

January 11, 1917:
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Vanderford were given a reception by Eastern Star members at the lodge room Monday evening and are departing for their new home in Ligonier, where Mr. Vanderford will become a partner of attorney, F. P. Bothwell. [Fort Wayne News]

According to his WWI Draft Registration Card, Chester was a lawyer and living at 532 Grand Street, Ligonier, Indiana. He had served for 3 years as a corporal in Company A, 3rd Infantry, Indiana Volunteers. He was of medium height, stout build and had red hair. [ancestry-WWI]

September 3, 1919:
Chester, his family, his sister Pearl and her family went to visit their father, Comer, in the Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana. [Fort Wayne Sentinal]

Chester and his family were living at 532 Main St., Ligonier, Noble County, Indiana. He had his own law office with F. P. Bothwell. [census-Ind]

January 1924:
Helen's mother Lillian Franks and her sister Edith Franks had been visiting and were returning home to Albion, Indiana when they were struck by a train and killed instantly. Chester had dropped them off in Cromwell to catch the milk train home. It appears that just before the passenger train arrived, a fast freight passed on the other track just as the ladies attempted to cross the tracks. [USGenNet]

Chester was a lawyer and living in Ligonier, Noble County, Indiana. [census-Ind]

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