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Bertha Ann Vanderford (5091)

Father: James Beverly Vanderford (4020)
Mother: Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" Keeling

b. Nov. 25, 1878 near Buffalo, Missouri [Wilcox-doc]

d. July 3, 1965, buried in McPherson, Kansas [Wilcox-doc]

m. Oct. 25, 1898 at Bolivar, Missouri, Albert Estes Smith, son of Charles Henry Smith and Amanda Kelsey, b. April 10, 1877 in Marysville, Iowa, d. March 18, 1966, buried in McPherson, Kansas.[Hull]

Issue: [Hull]

Verda Fern (S11), b. Oct. 31, 1899

Orpha May (S12), b. Feb. 26, 1902


Bertha and her sisters lived with their uncle Quincy Keeling. [Hull]

Bertha and Albert had a religious conversion in a revival meeting held in a country church near Luray, Missouri. [Hull]

Albert became a minister in the Free Methodist Church. They lived for 2 years in Rhineland, 2 years in Mercer, 1 year in Asburn and 3 years in Hannibal, Missouri. [Hull]

August 1914:
Bertha and Albert moved their family to McPherson, Kansas, so that Verda and Orpha could attend Central Academy and College, a Free Methodist school. Albert served as a lay preacher in the McPherson area and worked as a postman. [Hull]

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