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Arthur M. Vanderford (5039)

Father: Jesse R. Vanderford (4055)
Mother: Hannah C. Tinkham

b. Aug. 6, 1871 in Whitley County, Indiana [Tinkham]

d. July 6, 1948 in Grand Rapids, Michigan [Tinkham]

mc. 1902Mary Yonker, b. 1882 in Michigan, d. 1943 in Grand Rapids, Michigan [Tinkham]

Issue: [Tinkham]

Dorothy, b. Aug. 26, 1903 in Grand Rapids, Michigan

mc. 1923 Barnard Nichol, b. 1903 in Michigan
issue: [Tinkham]
Jean Adele, b. July 15, 1927 in Michigan
Elaine Joyce, b. Jan. 26, 1932
1930: Bernard was a truck driver for an upholstery factory. They lived in Paris Township, Kent County, Michigan. [census-Mich]

Mabel L., b. Feb. 24, 1907 in Michigan

m. H. J. Hanes
issue: [Tinkham]
Robert J.


Arthur worked for Citizens Telephone Company in Traverse City and Grand Rapids, Michigan. [Tinkham]

July 4, 1913:
Arthur and his wife visited Columbia City, Indiana and stayed with his Uncle Frank (4057). [Fort Wayne News]

Arthur owned his home at 1015 Fountain, Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan. He was working at a store as an electrician. [census-Mich]

Arthur was working as an electrician and owned his home at 2542 Plainfield, Grand Rapids, Michigan. His daughter, Mabel was still living at home and working as a stenographer. [census-Mich]

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