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Joseph John Vanderford (5034)

Father: Albert Vanderford (4073)
Mother: Sally

b. 1837 in Chatham County, North Carolina [NC Troops]

d. 1865 buried in Spencer Cemetery off Fork Creek Mill Road near Seagrove, North Carolina. [Randolph Co.,1980]

m. E. J., b. 1838 in N.C. [census-NC]

Issue: [census-NC]

F. P., b. 1859 in N.C.


In March of 1862 John was 5' 10 1/4" tall. [NA - Mil Rec]


John was a carpenter and living in Alamance County, North Carolina. [census-NC]

March 6, 1862:
John enlisted at Ashboro, Randolph County, North Carolina as a private in Company B, 52nd Regiment, North Carolina Troops. Company B was composed of men from Randolph County. [NA - Mil Rec]

August 13, 1862:
John was hospitalized in Danville, Virginia with typhoid fever. [NA - Mil Rec]

October 16, 1862:
John returned to duty.[NA - Mil Rec]

July 1, 1863:
John's regiment was part of Heth's Division, A. P. Hill's Corp. Heth's Division was involved in the early fighting at Gettrysburg against Reynold's Corp. [Coddington,1979]

August 1, 1863 to March 31, 1864:
John was assigned as a teamster in the Pontoon Train of the Army of Northern Virginia stationed at Gordonsville after the battle of Gettysburg. [NA - Mil Rec]

May 5, 1864:
John's regiment was involved in heavy fighting along the Plank Road at the Battle of the Wilderness. "Company B ... succeeded in holding the cavalry in check and finally drove them from our flank. This maneuver was executed by the regiment as promptly and accurately as if it had been upon its drill grounds. The fighting continued with unabated fury until sundown..." [Reg History]

July - August 1864:
John was detailed to work in the mines at Mount Petersburg during the siege of Petersburg. [NA - Mil Rec]

March 1865:
Alpheus Gillihorn and William F. Walters were arrested for murdering John while he was at home recuperating from a war wound. [Randolph Co.,1980]

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