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John Austin Vanderford (5002)

Father: Sylvester Vanderford (4004)
Mother: Francina Brannon

b. Jan. 9, 1861 in Pleasantville, Marion Co., Iowa [Holcomb]

d. Oct. 16, 1947 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma [Hunt Fam]

m. Dec. 15, 1878 in Sinclair Township, Jewell Co., Kansas, Margaret Hastings [Orig Doc], b. Feb. 5, 1862 in Marian, Indiana [Holcomb], d. Feb. 9, 1897 in Wheatland, Oklahoma [Holcomb] Died from exposure in a snow storm while nursing a sick neighbor. [Hunt Fam]


1899 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Ethel May (6010), Thomas Sylvester (6009), Manda Grace (6011),
Front: John Austin, John Walter (6012), Ella Pearl

Ella Pearl, b. June 1, 1880 in Stockton Township, Rooks County, Kansas [Holcomb], d. Feb. 27, 1973 in Riverside, California [Hunt Fam]

m. July 19, 1899 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Frank Wise
no issue [Holcomb]
1885 thru 1888: Pearl was enrolled in Jackson Centre School District No. 126. [JC:sch census]

Bertie Gilbert, b. July 31, 1882 in Rooks Co., Kansas [LDS], d. March 29, 1899 in Quincy, Oklahoma [Holcomb]

1887 and 1888: Birtie was enrolled in Jackson Centre School District No. 126. [JC:sch census]

Grace Louisa, b. Apr. 23, 1884 in Kansas [Holcomb], d. young in Superior, Nebraska [Hunt Fam]

Thomas Sylvester "Vess" (6009), b. Jan. 15, 1886, d. Jan. 15, 1965 [Holcomb]

Ethel May (6010), b. May 29, 1888 [Holcomb]

Manda Grace (6011), b. Oct. 4, 1890, d. July 6, 1911 [Holcomb]

John Walter (6012), b. Aug. 14, 1892, d. Dec. 17, 1974 [Holcomb]

m2. Dec. 24, 1899 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Viola Lolla Strauss [Holcomb], b. April 1, 1873 in Grove City, Illinois [Hunt Fam], d. Sept. 4, 1919 in Wheatland, Oklahoma [Holcomb], Graduated from Heidelburg University at Tiffin, Ohio 1892 [Hunt Fam]

Issue: [Hunt Fam]

Mary Musetta Madeline Francina (6013), b. July 19, 1903

Austin Strauss, b. Oct. 18, 1905 in Cache, Oklahoma

m. May 17, 1928 in Waurika, Oklahoma, Cleopatra Campbell
no issue [Hunt Fam]

Thelma Juanita (6015), b. March 7, 1908

Clara Marjorie (6016), b. April 28, 1909

Katherine Arleigh (6017), b. May 28, 1910

Gertrude Marguerite, b. July 9, 1911 in Hinton, Oklahoma, d. July 29, 1974 in Pennsylvania, buried in Wheatland Cemetery, Oklahoma [Holcomb]

m. Hunter Lane - no issue [Hunt Fam]
m2. Jake Dolby, b. Feb. 14, 1903, d. Mar. 19, 1975
no issue [Hunt Fam]


John Austin was farming in Stockton Township, Rooks County, Kansas. [census-Kan]

John Austin is listed in a Value of Taxable property for Jackson Township, Jewell Co., Kansas as owning: 2 horses (value $90), 6 neat cattle (value $65), 4 hogs (value $6), farm implements (value $15) and 1 wagon (value $10). [JC Valuation]

The Jewell County atlas for Jackson Township shows John Austin living on 40 acres in the south half of the east half of the southwest quarter of Section 16. [JC Atlas]

September 1, 1885:
John Austin and his wife Margaret signed an indenture for $500 for 80 acres (the whole east half of the southwest quarter of Section 16). This Note was at 7 percent payable semi-annually for five years. [JC Indenture]

October 14, 1885:
John Austin bought the above 80 acres from the State of Kansas for $240. [JC Deed 12:349]

John Austin moved his family to what is now Wheatland (near Oklahoma City), Oklahoma. [Idaho,1959]

Homestead run of 1889:
An Indian guide agreed to take John and four others to choice land for $5 each. When they came to the South Canadian River, it was up and out of its bank and was dangerous with quicksand. John riding one mule and leading another hit the water at a dead run, yelling and hitting his mount with his hat. [Hunt Fam]

July 12, 1890:
John Austin and his wife were living in Second County in the Territory of Oklahoma. They signed an indenture selling their Kansas property to Clayton Peck for $1500. [JC Indenture]

December 31, 1890:
Clayton Peck signed a mortgage for John Austin's Kansas property. The interest rate was 10 percent and due September 1, 1891. [JC Mortgage]

November 7, 1891:
John Austin acknowledged that Clayton Peck's mortgage was paid in full. [JC Mortgage]

John Austin owned his own farm in Moon Township, Cleveland County, Oklahoma. [census-Ok]

John Austin was farming in Cedar Township, Caddo County, Oklahoma. [census-Ok]

John was living in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma. His second wife had just died. Austin, Thelma, Marjorie, Katherine, and Margurite were still living at home. [census-Ok]

September 20, 1940:
John signed an affidavit of birth for his son Thomas Sylvester. He was living in Oklahoma City, Cleveland County, Oklahoma. [Holcomb]

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John Austin Vanderford

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