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Thomas H. Vanderford (4122)

Father: Anderson Vanderford (3033)
Mother: Virginia Alice Waddell

b. Sept. 1849 [census-NC]

m. Feb. 5, 1873 in Salisbury, N.C., Mary Etta Braodfield [George], b. Aug. 1852 in Virginia [census-NC]

Issue: [census-NC]

Edna H., b. Oct. 1875 in North Carolina

mc. 1904, P. H. Meroney, b. 1871
issue: [census-NC]
Theresa, b. 1909
1910: P.H. was manager and they were rooming in Salisbury, Rowan Co., N.C. [census-NC]
1920 & 1930: P. H. was in real estate and they were living at 226 Fulton, Salifbury, Rowan Co., N. C. [census-NC]

Thomas H., b. Oct. 1876 in North Carolina, d. 1915-1920

m. Carrie Vivian Ross, b. 1896
issue: [census-NC]
Thomas R., b. 1915, dc. 1960 [Floyds]

A. K. (boy), b. 1879 in North Carolina, d. before 1900

Nellie, b. Jan. 1881 in North Carolina

Alice, b. Nov. 1891 in North Carolina


Thomas was a grocer in Salisbury, Rowan County, North Carolina. [census-NC]

Thomas was a real estate agent in Salisbury, Rowan County, North Carolina. His wife and daughter, Edna, were music teachers and his son, Thomas, was a lawyer. [census-NC]

Thomas was retired and living in Salisbury, Rowan county, North Carolina. His son Thomas was a lawyer and daughter Alice was in school. [census-NC]

Thomas was a director. He, his wife, daughter Alice, daughter in law Vivian and grandson Thomas were living on North Fulton in Salisbury, Rowan County, North Carolina. [census-NC]

Thomas was retired again and living at 226 Fulton, Salisbury, Rowan County, North Carolina. His daughter Edna and her husband, a real estate agent were living with him. [census-NC]

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