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Millard M. Vanderford (4120)

Father: James Vanderford (3052)
Mother: Mary B. Rhodes

b. Aug. 1875 in Alabama [census-Ala]

m. Oct. 13, 1899 in Winston County, Alabama, Rosey Ivey , b. Feb. 1883 in Alabama [census-Ala]

Issue: [census-Ala&TN]

Flora, b. 1901 in Alabama

Mary, b. 1903 in Alabama

William T., b. 1905 in Alabama

George P., b. 1907 in Alabama

mc. 1929 Merna, b. 1914 in Kansas
issue: [census-TN]
Jacqueline, b. 1930 in Kansas
information: 1930 George was working as a laborer in Wichita, Kansas. [census-TN]

Flosey M., b. April 1910 in Alabama

Elvie, son, b. Aug. 31, 1912 in Winston County, Alabama [WiC births]

Neva, b. Oct. 5, 1914 in Winston County, Alabama [WiC births]

Garvin, b. 1917 in Missouri

Robert, b. 1920 in Kansas

Floyd, b. May 19, 1923 in Kansas, d. April 1976 [aa]

Luella, b. 1925 in Kansas


Millard and his wife were living in Walker County, Alabama where he was working as a coalminer. [census-Ala]

Millard was farming his own farm in Double Springs, Winston County, Alabama. [census-Ala]

Millard was working as a laborer in Wichita, Kansas. Living with him were 3 grandchildren: James, Elizabeth, Leslie and Donnie Warren. [census-TN]

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