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Frances E. Vanderford (4112)

Father: John Vanderford (3035)
Mother: Mary Mooneyham

b. Sept. 22, 1822 in Walton County, Georgia [Jerry]

d. Jan. 29, 1872 buried at South Fork Babptist Church, 7 miles north of Gurdon, Clark County, Arkansas. [Jerry]

m. Nov. 3, 1840 in Murray County, Georgia, Alphonso Santford Vandivere, b. Feb. 2. 1815 in Green Co.,Georgia, son of Matthew W. Vandivere and Elizabeth Nelms, m2. May 15, 1873 in Clark Co., Arkansas, the widow E. J. Speaks. Alphonso d. Aug. 6, 1893 and was buried at South Fork Baptist Church, 7 miles north of Gurdon, Arkansas. [Jerry]

Issue: [census- GA/Ark]

Alfred Matthew (5119), b. March 30, 1842, d. Feb. 10, 1926

Albert Allen (5120), b. July 8, 1845, d. Dec. 19, 1922

Frances Minerva, b. 1847 in Murray County, Georgia

m. Oct. 8, 1868 in Clark County, Arkansas, William F. Huffman, b. 1835 in Arkansas [Ancestry]
issue: [census-Ark]
W. S. (son), b. 1871 in Arkansas
M. F. (dau.), b. 1875 in Arkansas
A. E. (son), b. 1879 in Arkansas
1870: Frances and her husband were farming next to her father in Clark County, Arkansas [census-Ark]
1880: Frances and her family were farming near her father in Missouri Township, Clark Co., Arkansas [census-Ark]

Almeda E., b. Nov. 1849 in Georgia, d. July 13, 1852 [Jerry]

infant son, b. 1852-3 in Mississippi, died 15 days later

Granby Dean, b. May 7, 1855 in Mississppi, d. Nov. 25, 1896 in Clark County, Arkansas [Jerry]

m. Mary E. Pruett, b. Aug. 27, 1866, d. Sept. 3, 1905 in Clark Co., Ark.
issue: [ancestry-Cathay]
Alfred Dean, b. July 7, 1888, d. Nov. 9, 1888
Almeda Palestine B., b. Feb. 11, 1890
William Robert, b. Nov. 1, 1892, d. Jan. 12, 1912
Allen Sanford, b. July 31, 1895

Thirza Mississippi, b. 1859 in Mississippi

m. Sept. 14, 1876 in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, Charles T. Riffe [Jerry], bc. 1855 in Arkansas
B. S. (son), b. 1879 in Ark
info: [ancestry-Cathay]
1880 They were farming in Beech Creek, Clark County, Arkansas. [census-Ark]

m2. Mrs. E. J. Speaks [ancestry-Cathay]


Frances and her family were living in Murray County, Georgia. Her husband Alfonso was a shoe and boot maker and her brother John J. (4096) was living with them. [census-GA]

Frances and her family were farming in Cedar Township, Clark County Arkansas. Her brother Kearney Young "K.Y." (4097) was living with them. Also living with them was the widow of William A. Monroe, Minnerva, and her 6 children. The slave schedule for the township shows a A.S. Vandivere age 26 with a wife and 3 children. [census-Ark]

During the Civil War:
Alphonso was commissioned by the Confederate Government to make boots for the soldiers. His eldest sons, Alfred and Albert, also went off to join and fight for the Confederacy in 1861. [Jerry]

From "The Vandivere Family" manuscript by Matthew Leroy Vandivere and Ora (Hophins) Hardcastle (1957), p5: [Jerry]
"ALPHONSO SANTFORD VANDIVERE was commissioned by the Government to make shoes for the soldiers during the Civil War. When the enemy appeared at his door they wered treated with true southern courtesy and never denied food or shoes if needed. Men from the Union Army would dismount at his gate and come blustering up to his door with their usual haughty air. Although the dogs would cower under the house and the chickens would scatter and hide at the rattle of enemy sabers, the door of the Vandivere home was opened graciously and they would be met with a pleasant "Come in, Gentlemen." Even though his heart was breaking because of hte war and for his own two sons who were fighting he had compassion for other sons who came his way. Because of this christian attitude the Officers would order their men to "Behave yourselves like gentlemen, for you are in the house of a gentleman!" His home was among the few that escaped pilfering or burning."

Frances and her family were farming in Clark County, Arkansas. [census-Ark]

Alphonso, his second wife and son Granby were farming in Missouri Township, Clark County, Arkansas. [census-Ark]

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