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John E. Vanderford (4098)

Father: James Vanderford (3052)
Mother: Mary Ann Mitchell

b. Sept. 1854 in South Carolina [census - SC & Ala]

m. June 25, 1874 in Jefferson County, Alabama, Margaret C. Greene [LDS], b. 1854 in Alabama, d. 1910-20 [census-Ala]

Issue: [census-Ala]

Mary A. "Hattie", b. 1876 in Alabama

m. Earley Holcomb

P. S., b. Aug. 1882

Maud "Maggie", b. Aug. 1888


January 25, 1877 (recorded February 2, 1877):
John along with his father James and G. J. McCoy borrowed $78.30 worth of meat, corn, farming implements and merchandise from Hood and Brown for which they pledged the 1877 crop of corn and cotton grown on the plantation of John McCrary, John Vanderford, James Vanderford and G. J. McCoy in Jefferson County, Alabama. To secure further advances up to $106 they pledged some livestock. John pledged a bay mare about eight years old called Judge, one speckled cow and one yearling. The advance was to be paid by November 1, 1877. [Jeff deed 27:154-5]

John was farming in Township 10, Range 10, Jefferson County, Alabama. [census-Ala]

March 1, 1881 (recorded September 29, 1881):
John and his wife bought 80 acres in Section 4, Township 18, Range 4 in Jefferson County, Alabama for $150.00. [Jeff deed 46:139]

July 1, 1881 (recorded September 28, 1881):
John and his wife bought 120 acres in Section 3, Township 15, Range 4 West in Jefferson County, Alabama from his father for $400.00. [Jeff deed 46:138]

May 18, 1882 (recorded July 15, 1882):
John borrowed $10 to plant his 1882 crop. The loan was due November 1, 1882 and was secured by the crop, an iron gray horse named Bill about 4 years old and a red cow named Whiteface and her calf. [Jeff deed 56:14]

John was farming in Jefferson County, Alabama. [census-Ala]

John was living in Jefferson County, Alabama and had a mortgage on his farm. [census-Ala]

John was living with his daughter Hattie and her husband on Grunsbon Road, Frierson, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. [census-Ala]

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