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Richard P. Vanderford (4095)

Father: Barzillai Vanderford (3038)
Mother: Milberry Taylor

b. 1830 in Georgia [census-Miss]

m. Nov. 27, 1856 in Tishomingo County, Mississippi, Matilda Vauter [AlC mar 1855-7:278], b. 1835 in Georgia [LDS]

Issue: [census-Miss]

Sallie, b. 1870 in Mississippi


Richard was a farmer and living with his wife in Tishomingo County (now Alcorn County), Mississippi. The value of his real property was $2,000 and his personal property was $100. [census-Miss]

August 6, 1860:
Richard bought a parcel containing six thousand square feet near the Mobile and Ohio Railroad in Alcorn County Mississippi for $150. [AlC deed W:356]

July 5, 1863:
Richard enlisted at Fulton, Mississippi in Company A, Davenport's Battallion, Mississippi Cavalry for 12 months. His horse was valued at $250. [NA - Mil Rec]

November 17, 1866 (recorded November 9, 1867):
Richard sold the south half of the South East Quarter of Section 21, Township 3, Range 8 of the Chickasaw Survey for $110. He reserved the rights to the pine lumber. [AlC deed AA:115]

March 5, 1867 (recorded January 6, 1868):
Richard sold Lot Number 19 in the Town of Jacinto for $20. [AlC deed AA:143]

May 4, 1867:
Richard sold Lot 24 (the lot he bought August 6, 1860) in Rienzi for $150. [AlC deed AA:49]

Richard was a farmer in Alcorn County, Mississippi. Living with him, his wife and daughter were Allen (4082), 25 and Amanda, 17. The value of his real property was $320 and his personal property was $390. [census-Miss]

May 15, 1872 (recorded November 30, 1872):
Richard sold the South West Quarter of Section 8, Township 3, Range 8 East for $300. [AlC deed 2:568-9]

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