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Richard Augustus Vanderford (4090)

Father: Augustus Vanderford (3048)
Mother: Lavinda Head

b. 1839 in Georgia [census-Ga]


In 1865 Richard was 5'8 1/2" and had a dark complexion, brown hair and hazel eyes. [NA - Mil Rec]


July 17, 1861:
Richard enlisted at Centre (Chester) Hill, Georgia as a sergeant in Company B, 16th Georgia Infantry. [NA - Mil Rec]

July 1, 1862:
Richard was wounded slightly in the arm in the battle for Malvern Hill. [NA - Mil Rec]

September 14, 1862:
Richard was captured at South Mountain, near Sharpsburg, during Lee's first invasion. [NA - Mil Rec]

November 10, 1862:
Richard was exchanged as a prisoner of war from Aikens Landing, Virginia. [NA - Mil Rec]

June 8, 1863:
Richard joined Company C, 3rd Battalion of Georgia Sharp Shooters. [Flanigan,1943]

April 6, 1865:
Richard was captured at High Bridge, Virginia during the last days of the war. [NA - Mil Rec]

June 21, 1865:
Richard was released from Point Lookout. [NA - Mil Rec]

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