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William H. Vanderford (4071)

Father: Henry Vanderford (3044)
Mother: Angelina Vanderford

b. Dec. 1840 in Maryland [census-MD]

d. June 23, 1906 in Westminster, Maryland [Dielman]

m. Nov. 1869, Adeline K., b. 1840 in Maryland, d. before 1900 [census-MD]

m2. Florence Albaugh, d. Dec. 28, 1959 in Westminster, Maryland [Dielman]


March 1868:
William bought the Democratic Advocate in Westminster, Maryland. [Bio,1879]

William was the editor of the Democratic Advocate in Westminster, Carroll County, Maryland. [census-MD]

March 31, 1875:
William was elected Corresponding Secretary at the Maryland Editors' Association annual meeting. [Herald & Torch Light]

William and his father were publishers of the Democratic Advocate in Westminster, Carroll County, Maryland. [census-MD]

August 13, 1889:
The Baltimore Sun of Friday published a report of the rescue of two ladies from drowning at Atlantic City by Mr. Wm. H. Vanderford, of the Westminster Advocate, on Thursday. It said: He had warned several persons of a dangerous hole, and was on his way out of the water when he heard the cry of "Help!" He called the attention of several gentlemen to the cry, but they seemed to think it was from some children. Mr. Vanderford went to their rescue, when one of the ladies seized him by the shirt collar so tightly as in to choke him, and the other caught his legs in such a manner as to stop their use. He struggled with the ladies for some time, and finally called for assistance. A gentleman relieved him of one and he brought the other out. The ladies were much exhausted. The ladies asked for his name, but he replied, "You are safe, that is sufficient." [Gettysburg Compiler]

Winter of 1890:
These ads appeared in newspapers all over: Wm. H. Vanderford, esq., Editor of the Democratic Advocate, Westminster, MD, writes that he has used Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup and knows it to be a good medicine. Buy it. Try it. 25 cents. [various]

William and his brother were editors of the Advocate in Westminster, Carroll County, Maryland. [census-MD]

March 14, 1906:
Wm. H. Vanderford having purchased the interests of the late Charles H. Vanderford in the Democratic Advocate of Westminster has formed a company with a capital of $24,000. The company has taken over the paper which will be conducted along present lines. Wm. H. Vanderford continuing as manager of the paper and treasurer of the company. [Gettysburg Compiler]

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