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William Riley Vanderford (4054)

Father: Richard Vanderford (3007)
Mother: Delilah Ratcliff

b. 1841 in Ross County, Ohio [census-Ind]

d. March 7, 1885 [PenApp#224418], buried Troy Presbyterian Cemetery in Whitley County, Indiana [Whitleynet]

m. June 14, 1868 in Whitley County, Indiana Mary Jane Elliott [WhC mar 2A:519], b. 1842 in Indiana [census-Ind], m2. November 28, 1895 in Whitley County, Indiana, Cabeb Shreve Anderson Book5:377[Whitleynet]

Issue: [PenApp#224418]

Orpha E. Vanderford, b. 1869, d. February 22, 1873 aged 3 years, 11 months, 1 day, buried in Troy Presbyterian Cemetery, Whitley County, Indiana [Whitleynet]

Ina E. Vanderford, b. Aug. 25, 1872

m. February 18, 1894 in Whitley County, Indiana, Emmet W. Anderson Book5:247[Whitleynet]

Olin Edwin Vanderford(5043), b. August 12, 1875, d. July 2, 1949


In 1862 at the time of his enlistment, William was described as 5' 8", light complexion, blue eyes and light hair. In 1863 he was described as 5' 8", grey eyes, dark hair and a light complexion. [NA - Mil Rec]

In 1882 William was 5'8" tall, weighed 150 pounds and was light complected. William had deafness of left ear, partial deafness of right ear, partial loss of vision left eye, neuralga of left side of head and face as a result of spinal fever suffered in Nov. 1862 in Mitchelville, Tenn. [PenApp#224418]


October 20, 1856:
William was hit in the right eye while trimming a limb. It left a spot but caused no problem. [PenApp#224418]

August 11, 1862:
William enlisted in Columbia City for 3 years as a private in Company K, 88th Indiana Volunteers. He was paid a bounty and premium of $27. [PenApp#224418 & NA - Mil Rec]

Late August & September 1862:
William with his regiment were provided with heavy woolen uniforms and sent to Louisville, Kentucky. On one particular day they marched with full packs and 40 rounds of cartridges from Camp Gates to Louisville. They were forced to stand in the middle of the street in 115 degree heat for 2 hours at midday. They continued marching around the city for 2 more hours until "men began to drop, right and left, some insensible."[PenApp#224418]

October 1862:
William with his regiment went through the Perryville Battle, on to Crab Orchard, to Bowling Green, to North Rolling Forks. All this was without any tents or shelter, enduring a number of cold rains and a snow storm of 5 to 6 inches.[PenApp#224418]

November 5, 1862:
William and a number of others became extremely ill at Tyree Springs. Only a few survived. [PenApp#224418 & NA - Mil Rec]

December 3, 1862:
William was left at the hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. "His father hearing of his illness came to see him and asked permission to take him home until well. Colonel George Humphrey, the commanding officer of the Regiment at that time, instead of applying for a furlough told his father that if he could get him home he had his permission to do so. Notwithstanding the irregularity of such a proceeding his parent made the attempt and suceeded in getting him home supposing, of course, that the Colonel's permission was amply suffiecient." [NA - Mil Rec]

August 27, 1863:
William "having recovered his health and wishing to rejoin his command reported himself to the Provost Marshall of Whitley County, Indiana asking to be sent to his Regiment thinking such a step necessary, who instead of giving him the neessary information as to what steps to take in order to rejoin his command had him arrested and sent to his Regiment under guard, an action on his part unnecessary and in my opinion highly unjust." [NA - Mil Rec]

September 1863:
William rejoined his regiment at or near Stephenson, Alabama. "He was able to march but considered unsuitable for general duties." He carried a fife and was detailed as a musician. He was present at the battles of Chickamauga, Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge. [PenApp#224418 & NA - Mil Rec]

March 17, 1864:
William was officially returned to duty without trial or loss of pay except expenses incurred by his arrest and transportation to his regiment of $31.14. [NA - Mil Rec]

June 7, 1865:
William was discharged at Washington, D. C. He was still owed $75 from his $100 enlistment bounty. [PenApp#224418 & NA - Mil Rec]

William was farming in Troy Township, Whitley County, Indiana. [census-Ind]

William was farming in Troy Township, Whitley County, Indiana.

June 18, 1886:
William's widow Mary was living in Lorane, Whitley County, Indiana. [PenApp#224418]

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