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Richard Clark Vanderford (4031)

Father: Joel Vanderford (3006)
Mother: Emeline Bull

b. Jan. 17, 1843 in Ligonier, Noble County, Indiana [PenApp#65149]

d. July 4, 1923 at the VA in Los Angeles, Calif. [PenApp#65149], buried in the Los Angeles National Cemetery, Los Angeles County, California []

m. Aug. 30, 1866 in Centralia, Kansas, Eliza McCutcheon[PenApp#65149]

b. 1848 in Pennsylvania, d. 1878 in Centralia, Kansas [PenApp#65149]

Issue: [PenApp#65149]

Lela Emaline (5116), b. March 29, 1868, d. Feb. 27, 1948

Leonard C., b. 1869 in Kansas, killed on railroad near Minneapolis

m2nd. 1891 in Whatcom County, Washington, divorced in 1894/5 at Angel Camp, Calif. [PenApp#65149]


In 1863 Richard was 5 foot 9 inches, sandy complexion, hazel eyes, auburn hair. On February 20, 1865 he was described as 5' 8 1/4" with dark eyes and a dark complexion and on February 25, 1865 as 5' 8" with dark eyes, brown hair and a fair complexion. In 1873 he weighed 155 pounds and in 1882, 176 pounds. [PenApp#65149]


September 24, 1861:
Richard enlisted as a private in Company C of the 30th Regiment of Indiana Volunteers at Fort Wayne, Indiana. He was a farmer at the time. [PenApp#65149]

April 7, 1862:
At Shiloh, Richard was wounded by a musket ball entering one inch above his left knee. The ball was extracted. [PenApp#65149]

May - June, 1862:
Richard was on sick furlough recovering from the wound he received at Shiloh. [NA - Mil Rec]

July 18, 1862:
Richard left Indianapolis, Indiana and rejoined his regiment in Nashville, Tennessee. [NA - Mil Rec]

December 31, 1862:
At the battle of Murfreesboro or Stones River, Tennessee, Richard was wounded in the left shoulder and the ball was extracted from his neck. [PenApp#65149]

January - April, 1863:
Richard was in the Main Street U.S.A. General Hospital in Covington, Kentucky recovering from his wound received at Stones River. [NA - Mil Rec]

August 31, 1863:
Richard was convalescing at the Soldiers Home in Indianapolis, Indians. He recieved his clothing allowance of $9.98 which was due him since the date of his enlistment. [NA - Mil Rec]

October 31, 1863:
Richard was transfered to the Invalid Corps and assigned to the 93rd Company, 2nd Bat. Volunteer Indiana 17th Regt. at Indianapolis, Indiana. The surgeon declared he was "not able for duty...not physically suitable to re-enlist...disability total." [PenApp#65149]

September 29, 1864:
Richard was discharged on a Surgeons Certificate of Disability. [NA - Mil Rec]

February 14, 1865:
Richard re-enlisted at Kendallville for one year under the name Clark Vanderford in Company B - 152nd Regt. Indiana Infantry and transfered to Company F on February 19, 1865. He received one third of his $100 bounty for enlisting. [PenApp#65149]

March 6, 1865:
Richard was promoted to 1st Sergeant. [NA - Mil Rec]

April 1865:
Richard injured his right hip on a very rainy day while crossing a muddy stream during a forced march up the Shanandoah Valley in Virginia. He was unable to perform his duties for a couple of weeks. [PenApp#65149]

August 30, 1865:
Richard and his company mustered out at Charleston, West Virginia. He was owed $20.03 in pay, $35.22 for clothing and $33.33 still due from his enlistment bounty. [PenApp#65149]

Richard was living in Valley Township, Nemaha County, Kansas with his wife and small daughter. He was a carpenter and the value of his real property was $2500. [census-Kan]

Leonard, Richard's son was living in Illinois Township, Nemaha County, Kansas with his grandparents Alexander and Margaret McCutcheon. [census-Kan]

September 8, 1882:
Richard was living in Cromwell, Noble County, Indiana. [PenApp#65149]

June 13, 1908:
Richard was living in Wallace, Shoshone County, Idaho. [PenApp#65149]

December 14, 1918:
Richard was living in the Pacific Hotel in Spokane, Washington. [PenApp#65149]

Richard was living in the National Military Home in Los Angeles, California. [census-Ca]

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