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Monroe Vanderford (4016)

Father: Asa Ratcliff Vanderford (3016)
Mother: Malinda Gordon

b. November 24, 1844 in Buffalo, Dallas County, Missouri [PenApp#808850]

d. March 25, 1915 in Benton Township, Polk County, Missouri, buried March 26, 1915 in New Belthel Cemetery

m. December 25, 1864 in Newton County, Missouri and divorced, Belinda Britton [Vineyard,1965], b. September 19, 1845 in Missouri, d. June 23, 1913 in Springfield, Greene County, Missouri, buried June 24, 1913 Daughter of George W. Britton and Carline Unoody

Issue: [PenApp#808850]

Flora Vanderford, daughter, b. 1866 [census-Mo]

Beverly Vanderford, b. 1867 in Missouri, d. before 1880

Viola Vanderford, b. 1869

m. --- Scott

Asa Ratcliff Vanderford(5033), b. 1871, d. 1905-7

Walter Vanderford, b. 1874

Pearl Murte Vanderford (5222), b. May 1876


In 1861 Monroe was 5 foot 8 inches, fair complexion, blue eyes, light hair. He was a farmer. [PenApp#808850]


June 24, 1861 to September 24, 1861:
Monroe enlisted at Buffalo, Missouri and served in Capt. Eldridge's Cavalry Company G, Dallas County Regiment of Missouri Home Guards. He was paid $24.74 for his service on June 18, 1864. [NA - mil rec]

April 7, 1862:
Monroe enlisted at Springfield, Missouri in Company H - 14th Missouri S. Mil. Cavalry. His horse was valued at $66.40 and he owed the government $31.40 for his horse equipment.[PenApp#808850 & NA - mil rec]

June 21 - 24, 1862:
Monroe was absent without proper authority. "The charge of disertion of June 21, 1862, against this man is removed under the provisions of the act of Congress approved July 5, 1884." [PenApp#808850]

March 3, 1863:
Monroe transfered to Company M - 8th Missouri State Militia Cavalry. The value of his horse and equipment was listed at $100.[PenApp#808850 & NA - mil rec]

April 18, 1865:
Monroe was discharged from Company M. He owed the government 25 cents for a lost gun sling. [PenApp#808850 & NA - mil rec]

Monroe, with his wife and three youngest, was farming in Neosho Township, Newton County, Missouri. [census-Mo]

January 14, 1876:
About nine o'clock on a winter night at a Spelling School near Buffalo, Dallas County, Missouri, Monroe's brother, Beverly, was involved in a fight with Frank Coffer. Frank's brother Elbert was standing over the two fighting and when Monroe went up to Elbert to request he "stand back and let there be a fair fight" Elbert stabbed Monroe. He was stabbed in the nose, back (near the left kidney) and arms. [PenApp#808850]

The family was farming in Morgan Township, Dade County, Missouri.

Monroe was listed in the Civil War Veteran's census from Springfield, Greene County, Missouri.

May 22, 1891:
Monroe lived at 2204 N. Lyon St., Springfield, Missouri. [PenApp#808850]

Belinda was living at 223 East Chase Street, North Campbell Township, Greene County, Springfield, Missouri with her daughter and son-in-law, Pearl (5222) and George Bigelow.

Monroe was living in Hayden, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory and was diagnosed as having catarrh, deafness, knife wound in back and arm and general disability. [PenApp#808850]

Belinda was living at 936 E. Division, Springfield, Missouri. [Springfield Dir]

Monroe was divorced and living with his nephew, A. W. Vanderford (5015) in Weaubleu Village, Hickory County, Missouri. His ex-wife, Belinda was renting rooms at 936 East Division in Springfield, North Campbell township, Greene County, Missouri. Her daughter Pearl Bigalow (5222) and her family was living with her.

June 1, 1912:
Monroe was living in Nowata, Oklahoma. [PenApp#808850]

February 3, 1913:
Monroe was living in Centralia, Craig County, Oklahoma. [PenApp#808850]

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