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Joel McGee Vanderford (4013)

Father: William Vanderford, Jr. (3005)
Mother: Mary (Margaret) McGee

b. October 20, 1837 in Richmond Township, Hocking County/Vinton County, Ohio [Fanshier]

d. March 23, 1863 at Lawson Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri of chronic diarrhea, buried in Locust Grove Cemetery, Vinton County, Ohio.

m. January 19, 1862 in Vinton County, Ohio, Louisa Dearth, b. May 31, 1839 in Guernsey County, Ohio, d. September 6, 1911 in Raton, New Mexico [Fanshier]. Daughter of Valentine Dearth (dearth8001) and Margaret Lent. [VC mar 2:78]

m2. March 31, 1867, in Vinton County, Ohio, Alonzo L. Bell. [VC mar 2:303], b. August 1846 in Ohio [census-NM], d. October 20, 1914 [Dearth]

Issue: [Fanshier]

John Vanderford, b. and d. December 2, 1862, premature, twin, buried in Locust Grove Cemetery, Vinton County, Ohio

James Joel McGee Vanderford (5016), b. December 2, 1862, twin, d. May 13, 1951


At the time of his enlistment Joel was a carpenter, 5' 9 1/2" with a fair complexion, brown eyes and black hair. [NA - Mil Rec]


April 20, 1861 to August 28, 1861:
Joel enlisted as a private for three months service with the Ohio 18th Infantry. [RegRec]

May 29, 1861:
The eight companies of the 18th Infantry had arrived in Parkersburg, West Virginia. They were sent to different points on the Baltimore & Ohio railroad between Parkersburg and Clarksburg, and served the general government guarding railroad property, supplying guards and escorts for supply trains, and building a telegraph line to Rich Mountain. [RegRec]

June 20 to July25, 1861:
Joel wrote a short diary during his three months service with the 18th Infantry Regiment Ohio.

August 22, 1862:
At Allensville, Vinton County, Ohio, Joel enrolled in Company F, 114th Regiment of Ohio volunteers for three years of service. His pay was to be $17 a month. [PenApp#22574 & NA - Mil Rec]

September 8, 1862:
Joel mustered into service as a sergeant at Camp Circleville, Ohio. He received a $25 bounty. [PenApp#22574 & NA - Mil Rec]

December 2, 1862:
Joel's twin sons, James and John were born prematurely and John died soon after birth. James was kept warm on quilts on the oven door. The bonnet James wore would fit on a woman's fist. [Fanshier]

February 1863:
Joel was taken sick with intermittent fevers. [PenApp#22574]

March 8, 1863:
Joel was placed on board the Hospital Boat "D. A. January" to be taken to a hospital in St. Louis, Missouri. [PenApp#22574]

March 24, 1863:
Joel died in Lawson Hospital, 5th Ward, St. Louis, Mo. He had been brought from Vicksburg very sick with a fever. [PenApp#22574]

May 21, 1863:
Louisa applied for a widow's pension. page 1, page 2, page 3. [PenApp#22574]

July 14, 1866:
Louisa received an $8/month war pension retroactive to Joel's death. [PenApp#22574]

December 21, 1869:
Louisa's pension payments were increased by $2/month for James until he reached the age of 16. James' payments were retroactive to July 25, 1866. However Louisa's payments were to be deducted from the amount due. [PenApp#22574]

June 2, 1870:
Joel's son James was living with his mother and her second husband, Alonzo Bell in Richland Township, Vinton County, Ohio. [census-Ohio]

Louisa and Alonzo were farming in Alexander Township, Rush County, Kansas. James was helping on the farm. [census-KS]

Louisa was listed as a Civil War widow and Alonzo as a Civil War Veteran on the Raton, Colfax County, New Mexico Veterans Census. [census-NM]

Louisa and Alonzo were farming in Raton, Colfax County, New Mexico. [census-NM]

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