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Catherine "Cass" Vanderford (4005)

Father: Eli Vanderford (3003)
Mother: Margaret Barbara (Barbary) Swaim

b. Feb. 28, 1835 in Ohio [census-Iowa]

d. in Colorado, buried in Iowa [Hunt Fam]

m. (lic.) Mar. 16, 1854 in Iowa, E. Frank Clark[Marriage,1980], d. before 1870 [census-Iowa]

Issue: [Hunt Fam] & [census-Iowa]

Mary, b. 1855 in California

Napolean, b. 1857 in Missouri

1880: Napolean was a blacksmith and boarding on Second St. in Mitchellville, Polk County, Iowa. [census-Iowa]

Frank H. , b. 1860 in Iowa

Frank went to Montana as a sheep shearer

William B. "Bert", b. 1862 in Oregon

Bert had a farm in Illinois

Charles "Charlie", a breakman. Killed in Des Moines, Iowa.

Mona "Monnie" (5178), b. July 1865

Charles "Charlie", b. 1868 in Oregon

Charlie was a breakman. He was killed in Des Moines, Iowa.


Catherine and the children were living in Fairview Township, Jasper County, Iowa. [census-Iowa]

Catherine and the three youngest children were farming in Monroe, Jasper County, Iowa. [census-Iowa]

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