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James Vanderford (3052)

Father: James Vanderford (2032)
Mother: Betsey Hollingsworth

b. November 10, 1827 in Union County, South Carolina [NA - PenApp#20481]

d. Nov. 16, 1896, buried in Union Grove Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery, Winston County, Ala. [USGENNET]

m. May 16, 1847 in Union County, S.C. Mary Ann Mitchell [NA - PenApp#20481], b. 1825 in SC, d. Oct. 6, 1865 at Postridge, Ala. [census-Ala] & [NA - PenApp#20481]

Issue: [census-SC&Ala]

William, b. 1849 in South Carolina, d. before 1860

Margaret, b. 1852 in South Carolina

mc. 1870, --- Conaway [NA Claim 3,159]

John E. (4098), b. Sept. 1854

Henry Jacob, b. 1858 in South Carolina

m. Cynthia A., b. 1859 in Alabama
no issue: [census-Ala]
info: 1880 Henry was farming in Walker County, Alabama
info: 1910 Henry was a truck farmer in New Castle, Jefferson County, Alabama [census-Ala]
info: 1930 Henry owned his truck farm on Garden Dale - Brookside Road in the Fieldstone Community in Mineral Springs Village, Jefferson County, Alabama. [census-Ala]

J. G. "Glover" (4119), b. May 1864

M. S. "Sis", b. 1861

m2. Mary B. Rhodes, b. Aug. 8, 1836 in Ala., d. Oct. 31, 1911 at Double Springs, Ala., buried in Union Grove Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery, Winston County, Ala. [H.B. Vanderford & Moore]

Issue: [H.B. Vanderford]

Susan Ann, b. Aug. 1867, d. Jan. 31, 1953 in Tennessee

George Washington (4108), b. Nov. 1868, d. 1940

William Robert (4099), b. Feb. 1, 1872, d. Nov. 27, 1949

Millard M.(4120), b. Aug 1875

James S. "Jim" (4121) - adopted, b. Aug. 1, 1876, dc. 1970


May 1848:
James enlisted as a 2nd Lieutenant in Captain Wallace's Company, 2nd Regiment South Carolina Volunteers for the duration of the Mexican War. [NA - PenApp#20481]

July 1848:
James injured his right leg during a sham fight drill while "running over a brush heap." This injury left him dependent on his family for physical help with the farming. (It also kept him out of the draft during the Civil War.) [NA - PenApp#20481]

September 1, 1848:
James was discharged from the military because of his injury. [NA - PenApp#20481]

James was a planter in Union County, South Carolina. Living with James, his wife and infant son was 36 year old Martha Mitchell. [census-SC]

James and his two brothers Thompson and Perry moved their families to Alabama. [NA - PenApp#20481]

James was living in Cherokee County, Alabama. [census-Ala]

November 26, 1860 (recorded December 18, 1860):
James used the 120 acres he owned in the Tuscaloosa land district (Cherokee County) Alabama as security for $189.75 worth of various notes due January 1, 1862. [Jeff deed 13:379-381]

December 20, 1860:
James moved his family to Jefferson County, Alabama (about 25 miles north west of Elyton). James bought 120 acres of woodland, 40 of which he cleared and cultivated. [NA Claim 3,159]

James was a Union sympathiser during the Civil War. He was twice conscripted and ordered to report to Bluntsville, Alabama, but did not go. Towards the end of the war he was again conscripted and reported to Elyton, but was sent home because of a sore leg. During the course of the war, he harbored and fed both Union soldiers and Rebel deserters in his woods in spite of threats to hang anyone found aiding the Union. [NA Claim 3,159]

Spring 1864:
James had a fine young horse taken by Confederate General Rodgers and received no compensation. [NA Claim 3,159]

March 28-31, 1865:
Soldiers from Union General Wilson's army, encamped at Goggins Ferry or Mysicks Ford on the Warren River, 4 miles from James' homestead, came to James farm and took provisions. They took 125 bushels of corn, 2400 pounds of fodder, 4 bushels of wheat, and 600 pounds of bacon (which James had hidden from the rebels in the loft of his dwelling house). Around 100 soldiers came the first day, about 30 the next and 12-15 on the next two days and carried the goods off on horseback. [NA Claim 3,159]

James was farming in Jefferson County, Alabama. [census-Ala]

May 19, 1874:
James submitted a claim to the government for $331.00 for the provisions taken by the Union soldiers in March of 1865. [NA Claim 3,159]

May 8, 1875 (recorded May 11, 1875):
James used 62 acres of his land in Jefferson County, Alabama as security for $200. [Jeff deed 22:368-9]

August 14, 1876:
James' claim was approved and he received $281.00 from the government sometime after October. [NA Claim 3,159]

January 25, 1877 (recorded February 2, 1877):
James along with his son John and G. J. McCoy borrowed $78.30 worth of meat, corn, farming implements and merchandise from Hood and Brown for which they pledged the 1877 crop of corn and cotton grown on the plantation of John McCrary, John Vanderford, James Vanderford and G. J. McCoy in Jefferson County, Alabama. To secure further advances up to $106 they pledged some livestock. James pledged a bay mare about eight years old called Ginny. The advance was to be paid by November 1, 1877. [Jeff deed 27:154-5]

March 14, 1877 (recorded April 18, 1877):
James placed a lien on his 1877 crop of cotton and corn for $35.00 in necessary provisions, farming tools and implements from J. O. Regan to be paid by November 1, 1877. He further pledged a certain small filly about three years old and a certain bay mare about eight years old. [Jeff deed 27:551-2]

December 21, 1877:
James appointed James Brown as his attorney to collect his share of his father's estate in Union County, South Carolina. [UC Box 64:18]

June 1880:
James and his family farmed in Township 15, Range 4 West in Jefferson County, Alabama. [census-Ala]

James moved to Winston County, Alabama, settling between Double Springs and Natural Bridge. He owned about 400 acres and operated a cotton gin, a gist mill, a sawmill and a small rural store. He also tanned hides to make shoes and boots. [H.B. Vanderford]

July 1, 1881 (recorded September 28, 1881):
James and his wife sold 120 acres in Section 3, Township 15, Range 4 West in Jefferson County, Alabama to his son John E. for $400.00. [Jeff deed 46:138]

October 4, 1888:
James applied for a pension for service during the Mexican War. [NA - PenApp#20481]

February 8, 1889:
James sent to the pension office the names of all the officers, enlisted men and the surgeon in his company. He also stated that "sometimes his name was written Vandever." [NA - PenApp#20481]

February 12, 1889:
James pension application was rejected because there was no record of his service. [NA - PenApp#20481]

James' widow Mary was living in Biler Road Township, Winston County, Alabama with her daughter Susan. [census-Ala]

Mary was living in Double Springs, Winston County, Alabama with her son Millard and his family. [census-Ala]

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